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    1. chaosyourgod
      hi I would like a refund for not getting my 1k reward tier fulfilled I've been in talks with your "cat herder" for two years now and he has been unhelpful and condescending towards me. I really do not want to sue uber but I'm slowly running out of options here.

      could you please treat me like a respected customer and give me a refund please?
    2. jobieadobe
      Better Idea! First check if the number of players is currently big enough to even be divided. If not just let everyone play each other like Turbo already does. If the amount of players is currently large enough to be divided, then find the median xp/min of the players in the list. The players who are above the median are put in an elite game. The players at or below the median are put in a nooby game.
    3. jobieadobe
      I want to start a kickstarter for SMNC, for a fix. That the servers be tiered.

      if xp/min is greater than 100 go to pro server
      50-99 normal server
      0-49 nooby server.

      or just 2 pro and noob.

      I see new players everyday! They get farmed by elite players and quit. We could have SO many more players if we implemented this one fix. How much do you think this would cost to implement? So I can know how much to ask for.
    4. dfanz0r
      And who is the all mighty O
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