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    My cool older cousin introduced me to TA when I was 8 or so, it made a big impression on me. It was my first PC game and I probably played hundreds of hours of what you'd now call "comp stomps". Not knowing anyone else with it and also lol dial up means I've never really played multiplayer RTS, ever. I bought more RTS games, played their campaigns and comp stomp skirmishes, I was really hyped for supcom since it was TA's spritual sequel, but in retrospect it wasn't all that great.

    So mostly I'm interested in PA because it's a revival of a major childhood game for me and as of 2013-08, it's looking pretty good. Now if only they'd remake X Wing Vs Tie Fighter.

    I usually play FPS games, the Arma series, and indie games with a focus on innovative tech like crypticsea's Sub Rosa and A New Zero.