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hi. March 13, 2014

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April 1, 2014
    1. jobieadobe
      Better Idea! First check if the number of players is currently big enough to even be divided. If not just let everyone play each other like Turbo already does. If the amount of players is currently large enough to be divided, then find the median xp/min of the players in the list. The players who are above the median are put in an elite game. The players at or below the median are put in a nooby game.
      1. PeggleFrank
        The newb server is probably going to be underpopulated, and it'll make the game appear more dead than it is.

        In terms of gameplay, that means nothing, but it might ward some people off to look at the server list and see only a few games.
        May 31, 2014
      2. jobieadobe
        i can usually announce a beginner custom crossfire game and get a good 3v3 game going. Which is more enjoyable for them than a 5v5 crossfire game, where they get stomped the entire time. But like I said if you have say 20 players online put the top 10 in one server and the lower 10 in the other. Instead of mixing them together. It would be all behind the scenes, so they wouldn't notice anyways.
        June 2, 2014
    2. jobieadobe
      I want to start a kickstarter for SMNC, for a fix. That the servers be tiered.

      if xp/min is greater than 100 go to pro server
      50-99 normal server
      0-49 nooby server.

      or just 2 pro and noob.

      I see new players everyday! They get farmed by elite players and quit. We could have SO many more players if we implemented this one fix. How much do you think this would cost to implement? So I can know how much to ask for.
    3. captainzod
      if I send you this message is to inform you that I have a problem with my game planetary annihilition.
      the problem is that my game every time I want to play solo or multiplayer game that my cup and said:
      PA.exe has stop working.
      I'm a make several method but nothing going!
    4. zweistein000
      Hello, are you the new Test ninja they hired?
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    5. battlebeastspa
      1. maxpowerz
        Hello :D
        March 13, 2014
      2. SXX
        Welcome! ;)
        March 13, 2014
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