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    A combination of a server/client mod that:

    - add mergeable and pathable brushes for 117 brush types.
    - modifies the biomes 1vs1test, csgdebug and sandbox to hold all these brushes, so you can copy paste from them.

    So basically with this you can make maps that allow units to do this kind of thing with any brush you want:


    The 3 planets to copy paste from:

    The biome csgdebug has all brushes set to "mergeable and pathable", so for example the unit cannon with the commander moving on it is from that planet. All brushes on this planet allow units to walk around on them, even straight up walls. They also allow you to build on them in any way you like.

    The biome 1vs1test has all brushes set to pathable only. This means you can only move and walk on "flat" surfaces, so these brushes won't allow units to walk up walls or similar. Good for plateaus.

    The biome sandbox has all brushes set to be neither mergeable nor pathable, so they completely block pathfinding and placement of buildings.

    To play created maps you need to have the server side mod enabled, other players can join the game, but you will probably have to only select the planet after everyone joined and downloaded the server mod to prevent a bug.

    It's on pamm
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