Planet Colonization should be like attacking a base, not an island while you have no navy.

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    Colonizing planets. We all know it can't work like it does now. Uber knows it can't work like it does now. But I think that, with the arrival of the anchor, the "base defense" of the sky, Orbital should be its own little section. Don't get me wrong, it really is, but think about it.
    We have doxes. These machines are intended for fast attack and rushing, mass production and cheapness in exchange for a light weapon.
    We have Ants (I CALL THEM ANTS) Slower machines intended for a more brutal attack in exchange for quickness and economy.
    These options don't exist with orbital. Whoever has more Avengers, wins the orbital fight. So, let's see what we can do here....
    First similarity to a base: Unit base defenses (check) just like in game with a group of doxes which you can rush to defenses aid, we have avengers and anchors capable of protecting your territory.
    Second, orbital combat is one sided. The only crossovers are Umbrellas and Laser platforms. This means that, as you know, orbital feels really secluded.
    My whole point is, if you have enough of something, you can invade any planet or base. Think: Avengers are your fighters. They deal with other satellites. But what we seriously need is a fast attacking orbital unit capable of shooting down aircraft and non defended ground defenses so that you can invade a planet with ease. To counter this, enemies must send in an attack force to remove your teleporter. BUT WAIT! This part really encourages players producing orbital. That little orbital ground attacker can rip those units to shreds- so whats the point?
    Get satellites to remove those! Even a mobile anti-orbital unit could be in your arsenal. There is no way for planets to truly belong to players- I think Uber's intention with this game is that there were tons of planets- With a variety of Player bases on them. White, Blue, and Green are on the main planet! Black, white and Blue are fighting on another, while on the last, Green, White and Black are duking it out! This will make it very hard to fully secure a planet. Very hard. And thats what you want. Its nearly impossible to secure a base completely. With enough units, even your anti nuke behind flak behind t2 lasers behind walls can be taken out.
    And THATS how orbital should be.
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    I think really we need to wait and see what kind of additional orbital units they have in the works.
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    'Redone' implies it was ever finished. It's not, and it won't be done until the devs get around to finishing it. Complaining about the current state is an exercise in futility.
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    I am simply stating that some people think it is perfect. And when they do it, That's what I am saying. That is how orbital fights should occur. You approach, attack the least defended and most strategic spot, and you blow them up, right? It needs to be the exact same concept with orbital.
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    how is it considered perfect by anyone when for one the unitroster still isnt finished ... uber having it redone once ... and uber kinda redoing it again?
    also orbital is foremost meant to be support to your surfacearmy .... wars in pa happen on the surface of planets , that is where the focus should be on ... not in orbit ...
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    There's lots of issues with Orbital. Uber is aware of that.

    We probably should wait until Uber finalizes Orbital further. Gives us more of a full unit roster.

    Since we know that Uber is aware of these issues.

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