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Discussion in 'Balance Discussions' started by paragonprime, April 15, 2015.

  1. paragonprime

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    Yes, I'm doing it, I'm making my first post one about the goddamn Doxes:

    They are, frankly, NOT overpowered.

    Far from it. DOXes are fine as they are. But for a few details...

    Exhibit A: Cost. DOXes cost so little that they can be mass-produced into the hundreds and still not even put a dent in event a subpar economy, encouraging mass rushes with them.

    Exhibit B: Extreme capabilities. DOXes are fast AND spammable AND amphibious, and, icing on the cake, can shoot down aircraft. This basically eliminates the only two strategies which really work against them: using bombers and using ships.

    Exhbit C: Dilution of purpose. DOXes were made for the purpose of raiding and harassing. Yet, you see so many people using them as their ONLY ground units. Why? Because a hundred peashooters hurt more than a single tank gun, unlike what so many people claim.

    Just needed to be said.
  2. nateious

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    With the removal of the anti-air bot doxes kinda have to shoot at air units, or going bots first would be suicide if your opponent went air.

    They are crazy cheap though. I played a 2v2 with a friend last night and he got overrun by the enemy team who threw up 3 bot factories that pumped out nothing but doxes without even bothering to put up any power. I didn't even think this was possible. Ultimately they lost because I had the entire other planet to myself and was able to get a tank army over to their planet before they could do enough expansion, but I was amazingly shocked when I saw how they managed to get so many doxes so early (by basically ignoring eco)
  3. cola_colin

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    imho that simply was a mistake
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  4. nateious

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    Oh, I agree, I'm just saying with the current bot lineup doxes need to be able to shoot at air.
  5. cdrkf

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    Meh an equal metals worth of tanks shreds dox if managed properly. dox get used as primary unit on watery maps due to amphib, but remember they are totally defenceless underwater so subs, torp lunches and frigates make mincemeat of them.

    Plus their aa ability sucks so bombers still shred them.

    On a small land map their speed makes them dangerous early game but tanks are stronger where you have a bit more space (and thus time) to deal with them.

    I personally think they are fine. Strong on some maps, weaker on others. As it should be- make them weaker on their current strong maps and you make them useless everywhere else.
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  6. lazeruski

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    Wait, Dox can shoot Air?
    That was new to me, i always thought i need the AA Tank for it...

    I love bots, so i also build large masses of them and i also think they are fine. A few turrets can wipe them out pretty good.
    Havnt seen them being effective against Air so far, thats why i was wondering. A few bombers where most of the times enough to wipe out dozens of them.
  7. Clopse

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    This logic is flawless. :D
  8. igncom1

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    I like the dox as it is, mainly because past the first 10 mins they become the fodder they were born to be.

    They get shredded by just about everything.
  9. rivii

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    Down with the spinner and bring back the Stinger!
  10. thetrophysystem

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    Wolverines! ...Wolverines?
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