Xbox one backward compatibility and change in update policy. Please update UBER

Discussion in 'Monday Night Combat 360 Feedback and Issues' started by epoch10, November 10, 2015.

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    Now that the xbox one will be launching MNC with the first wave of games for backwards compatibility can we finally get some updates/fixes we needed years ago? The policies UBER had issues with are changed and now that MOBA's are overly popular it would be nice to have this gem back and all shiny.

    Can we get some feedback from the dev about this turn of events and what it would take to get the patches pushed?
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    Sadly I don't see it happening. Backwards compatible games are still 360 titles. And so they are sold, hosted, and updated as such. Even though the update policies on 360 are much improved since MNC's heyday, they are still not as open as those on XB1 (where updating is very simple and developer-friendly. So you'll see updates all the time for actual XB1 games.)

    Not to mention that, unlike indie titles on XB1 where developers can publish themselves: the 360 port of MNC is still published by Microsoft (like most of the major XBLA titles.) So even without the cost to patch, there would still be a long and contrived multi-portion approval process to get a patch out. Not to mention the manpower to develop it in the first place. We all want to see it happen, but the chances are very slim to none.
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    This is in fact already confirmed as of right now to be backwards compatible this very moment.

    I am not dissing the devs, I just don't think they had the funded manpower to do this. Therefore, I am only assuming this is because they had no work on their end to make it so, likely due to the fact that Microsoft probably patched Unreal 3 based compatibility, and of their own accord did the paperwork to port the games across that benefited from the Unreal-Engine based patch, at no additional work for each individual game.

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