Would running an in-house fundraiser help the game?

Discussion in 'Planetary Annihilation General Discussion' started by Martenus, November 2, 2014.

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    First, let me say this: I am still around, I backed the game at Kickstarter but I am not playing the game anymore. It is not in a state I like and I do not enjoy playing the game for many reasons. The point is, I love the idea of PA and I wish it just becomes something more. And I understand things don't happen out of the blue, but out of the money.

    There are many games around that are in developement after a successful Kickstarter campaign and PA is no exception. Some of the games that caught enough attention are running an in-house fundraising till this day, let me mention two games you might have heard about: Star Citizen and Kingdom Come. Of course SC is another league and KC is another genre, but what connects then is this: People are still willing to back up the game, get something in return and support the ideas behind these games.

    I do not want to buy a commander. I do not want to spend my money on microtransactions. I would rather spend $10 on backing a new goal. Something that would make PA better for everyone and not just for myself buying a new fluffy toy.

    I am asking all of you, if Uber came up with a reasonful in-house fundraiser and some decent, realistic goals, would you be willing to back the game again?
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    Yes I'll support that.

    Personally I don't support microtransactions in games too while accept it's good way to fund development so I'm not against them, but likely won't buy in-game stuff except it's something like reasonable sized expansion.
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    I agree with this idea. $$$ for a specified goal. Your example of Star citizen is a good one. I am amazed how they have kept it going but I think it represents the post kickstarter model.
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    You are missing a fundamental point, the games you just mentioned are in pre alpha versions, and can only be bought via there websites. PA has done the same thing only via steam, but asking now for more money will have a negative effect, the best you can do is buy a commander and this way support UBER.
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    The real question is if a target can be reached that is enough for something actually meaningful. Uber set a 1.5 million target for a new game and parallel dev and that was clearly 3-4x too much for the community. I doubt a fundraiser for additional PA development could raise more than 500-600k tops. In terms of salary, that is probably not enough for any significant development. I think Uber will have to survive a bit longer before asking for any money like this.
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    Welcome back Martenus. I would be more than happy to back something like this.
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    I offered the idea of Commander commissions to Jables, but he seems to avoid answering any questions reguarding that subject :| Not good staff behaviour if you ask me.

    Custom Commanders and the Armoury are a hella easy way for Uber to make cash.
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    I think a funding drive for something people would want as an expansion (i.e. out of the cope of the main goals of the PA kickstarter) would be a real possibility to move forward.

    A good example would be a scripted single player campaign for PA. I know these are expensive, however this could be balanced by making the number of levels in said campaign scale with money raised. Start with a low goal for say a 10 level campaign, with stretch goals that add 5 additional levels or separate chapters.

    This is similar to how 'Star Citizen' is being constructed, with a separate campaign mode called 'Squadron 42' that is outside of the scope of the main sandbox style game but exists in the same universe.
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