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    aa_missile vehicle is cheaper --> counter the cheap bombers.

    Boom Bots--- Death Animation is nuke, but if you hit a building it will be an active nuke.

    Anti Nuke Launcher - You have 2 choices The Catapult(NukaPult) and regular, both have benefits but up to you to decide whats better for your playstyle

    Holkins(Nolkins) Launches Nuclear Artillery....(Nuclear Missiles)

    Assault Bots, well these are interesting, once people start building up HUGE on the anti nukes, Assault bots come in handy as they launch TWO nukes at once but has only 1 Health Point.

    Bot Factorys and Advanced Factories have become easy to build, Fab Bots and Regular Bots Are Cheap...

    Dont forget... Advanced Bombers.... They launch sniping nukes...

    Update #2
    Small Update: Radar Prices Lowered (Advanced)
    Tactical Nuke Launcher (Added- Price Lowered)
    Metal and Energy Plants (Eco) Need to be reduced but raised ALOT for now
    More To Come...! Give me some ideas down below.

    Is unbalanced atm till i find that sweet spot and add more
    Build your bot factory first ->>> those build faster then work on an advanced bot factory... Leave ya at there to figure out your own strategy, Everything is just yeah...
    Github: Cant post links :(
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