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    [I was unable to access my old account for the past few months, and after all that time trying, I just made a new account so I could continue updating]

    OLD VERSION - https://forums.planetaryannihilation.com/threads/wip-server-dreadnought-balance-mod.73524/

    (BIG THANKS to Ferretmaster for helping me on the more technical updates, and to Cola_Colin for making the Rescaler mod to change the size of some units)



    Mission Statement: The goal of this mod is to make each unit and building have viability in competitive 1v1. Further than that, it is insured each unit will have layers of depth and complexity to them and move away from hard-counters into a more soft-counter focus where strategy and control wins you the game!

    There are some more extreme changes for testing and theory crafting, which may not be apart of the final ideal state of this balance mod.

    These are the balance changes to units for testing and theory crafting, specific details on forums or in notepad info but the basics are...
    -Major changes to Anti-Air: Revamped stinger to long range, high damage, yet low fire-rate AA. All AA no longer targets Icarus automatically, but have been given a slight increase in AOE for compensation.
    -Scouts have radar stealth
    -Cost decreases to T2 factories, fabbers, and defenses
    -Significant changes to Vehicle/Bot T1 units: Stryker/dox buffs to be more balanced against eachother on many different maps. Ant buffs. Grenadier and Drifter nerfs but still maintain their anti-T2 component.
    -Naval adjustments: Orcas fire low damage, high aoe torpedos. Narwhals are weaker but cheaper, and also have long range, low damage torpedos.
    -Reimagined Orbital economy: Jigs have their energy production/storage removed. Solar arrays are now an expensive, high energy output/storage unit.
    -Lob firing temporary units as a defensive structure instead of a dox factory. (Currently Typhoon squalls, but will move to something more unique)
    -Orbital Units are faster, have higher range
    -Missiles from Catapults/Bluehawks/Stingrays are faster (Hornets slower)


    Grenadier torpedos sometimes firing in a random direction when coming in range of a naval unit
    MLA fabricators and factories will build Legion stuff if the mod is enabled

    CONSIDERING (some ideas that may or not be implemented)

    -Lob revamp
    -Horsefly buffs and nerfs
    -Icarus revamp to have seperate air and ground weapons,
    -Omega extra anti-ground component
    - Jig explosion only affects buildings, Ares ground pound only affects buildings
    -Spark projectile always explodes
    -Hummingbird nerfs, Pheonix cleave changes

    (Under the hood dev stuff)
    -Added combat tags to Icarus, Angel, Firefly, Skitter and removed combat tag from combat fabbers due to associated client mods not working with this server mod.
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    FULL BASE CHANGES (Changes from current base game) [Updated as of patch 1.58]

    [TLDR: Increased Move speed, Uber Cannons hit harder, Torpedos less damage against commanders specifically]
    -Increased move speed from 6 to 8
    -Increase Commander AA AOE from 0.75 to 1.5
    -No longer auto targets icarus
    -increased uber cannon damage against structures from 25% to 72% (Roughly 500 damage a shot. Commander vs commander 0.25 is unchanged)
    -decreased commander Torpedo weapon vs commanders from 100% to 50%
    (Note: Allows commander walking to be more common and push out on the map. I also want to put wall damage to 150% but WIP.)
    (Note2: The torpedo change increases commander kill time for sea based engagements, due to it being significantly higher than land engagements that are around 204 dps including uber cannons, while sea based engagements are at 400 dps)

    ~Firefly (T1 Air Scout)
    -Added Radar Stealth
    -Metal cost increased 60 to 90
    (Note: Same as Skitter Note 1)

    ~Skitter (T1 Vehicle Scout)
    -Added Radar Stealth
    -Move speed 25 to 35
    -Metal cost 75 to 55
    -Health 10 to 15
    (Note 1: Rewards lone positioning and scouting in mid to late game)
    (Note 2 The movespeed buff allows skitters when built before the first fabs to reach the enemy base on small, and some medium maps before an air scout and icarus can be built and makes a ground only opener struggle.
    ~the health increase is to tank a shot from dox or strykers [they fire 2, so its only for partial hits],
    ~the metal cost is to bring it below the firefly, and between dox and stryker.
    ~Overall buffs to skitters are generally risk free due to the utility, non-combat nature of this unit and I want to reward positioning and scouting after the early game.)

    ~Stryker (T1 Vehicle)
    -Health decreased 60 to 50
    -Damage decreased 15x2 to 13x2
    -Movement Speed Increased 17 to 20
    -Weapon Muzzle Velocity Decreased 140 to 135
    (Dev Idea: Gives them more dart in-dart out mechanics, changes up the gameplay between them and dox and against other units)

    ~Ant (T1 Vehicle)
    -Vision radius increased 100 to 130
    -Weapon firerate increased 0.55 to 0.525 (1 shot every 2 seconds to 1.9 seconds, 42 to 44 dps)
    (Dev Idea: Matches spark vision and better supports high range+low vision units)
    (Dev Idea: Ants a long time ago had a turn rate of 90. I intend to do 105, but want to see how this old, more predictive type of micro handles in the modern era. At the moment I believe ants are too responsive and reactive for the lumbering tank persona, and in gameplay terms they are good at kiting backwards quickly and I want to see if this helps fast units+projectiles catch out ants better)

    ~Drifter (T1 Vehicle)
    -Metal cost increased 225 to 235
    -HP reduced 250 to 225
    -Damage increased 120 to 160
    -Range increased 110 to 115
    -Increased idle aim delay from 3 to 5
    -Decreased firerate from 2.5 to 3.2 (Fires once every 3.2 seconds)
    -Bullet velocity decreased 150 to 140
    -Vision range reduced 100 to 90
    (Dev Idea: Mostly designed around ants to survive 3 shots from drifters. HP reduced to give grenediers slightly more power against Drifters, and maintains the 2 shot kill of drifter vs drifter action. Overall goal is to make them less able to operate alone, and be more reliant on support units)

    ~Spinner (T1 Vehicle)
    -health reduced 160 to 130
    -Speed increased from 10 to 13
    -Increased Splash Radius from 0.75 to 1.5
    (Dev Comment: General AA speed increases to help with non-air oponer viability with health, damage, vision nerfs as compensation. The AOE aspect is for anti-icarus)

    ~Dox (T1 Bot)
    -Weapon Muzzle Velocity Increased 130 to 135
    (Dev Idea: Allows for more smooth micro and dox will have near 100% uptime when heavily microd
    Dev Update 2: Muzzle velocity to match strykers)

    ~Grenadier (T1 Bot)
    [TLDR: They get torpedos, are more expensive and bigger, small aoe and fires 4 projectiles, hit harder]
    -Metal cost increased 100 to 150
    -HP increased 80 to 120
    -Vision range reduced 100 to 90
    -Model size increased by 30%
    ~Main Weapon
    - -Firerate decreased 2.00 to 4.20 seconds
    - -dps increased from roughly 40 to 57
    - -Firing Deviation 0 to 1.5
    - -Fires 4 shots instead of 2 a volley
    - -Damage increased 40x2 to 60x4
    - -Splash damage increased 30x2 to 24x4
    - -Full damage splash radius reduced 2 to 0.75
    - -Partial damage splash radius reduced 5 to 2.0
    -Torpedo Weapon added (Attacks water units, excluding hover units)
    - -Damage 50
    - -Firerate 0.5 (Fires 1 shot every 2 seconds)
    - -Range 60
    - -Land speed Velocity 70
    - - Water speed Velocity 40
    (Dev Idea: Makes Grenadiers less spammy in both unit amounts and how often they fire, and make their shots matter more against large or static units, and less powerful against small, fast units)

    ~Spark (T1 assault bot)
    -Vision increased 120 to 130
    -Projectile lifetime decreased 1.0 to 0.55
    (Dev Idea: Allows sparks to have some use later in the game with a small edge in utility)

    ~Stinger (T1 AA Bot)
    [TLDR: Makes it a stronger, long range, high damage yet low firerate AA]
    -HP 130 to 115
    -Metal Cost 120 to 140
    -Move Speed 16 to 13
    -Vision 100 to 90
    -Range 90 to 180
    -Damage 30 damage to 95
    -Rate of Fire 1.0 reduced to 0.33 (1 shot every 1 second to every 3 seconds)
    -Added splash damage with radius of 1.5 and 35 damage
    -DPS 30 dps to 32
    -Bullet lifetime increase 1.0 to 1.1
    -Model size increased by 50%
    -Stinger selection icon Increased from 10 to 12)
    (Dev Idea: Alternate approach to anti-air with higher range and more upfront damage but lower dps overall.)

    ~Hummingbird (T1 Air Fighter)
    -reduced damage from 80 to 75.
    -Increased health 120 to 150
    (Dev Idea: Allows for easier partial heals from damage for both fireflies and Pheonix and reduces Fireflies impact slightly on heavy health T2 Air and Titan. May change to 70 which will have more significant ramifications for air fights.
    Update: Base game reduced from 150 to 120, rejected change as it felt it made an already fragile air problematic)

    ~Icarus (T1 Solar Gunship)
    [Split Laser beam into two separate weapons, removed targetting from AA sources such as spinners and galata]
    -Metal Cost increased 125 to 130
    -Movement Speed Decreased 50 to 45
    -Break 30 to 20
    -Ground Damage decreased from 25 to 20
    -Aggressive range 60 to 70
    -Air Damage unchanged [25]
    -Air gun range increased 70 to 150
    -Air gun fires 1 every 3 seconds
    -Air gun also has its own energy bar/drain rate of 100e/s but without 'banking'
    -Added Guardlayer + All to improve Icarus performance
    -Removed Icarus from AA targetting
    (Dev Note: Gives MLA a new option with Air to Air engagements, especially against Legion. Allows Icarus skill play to work around enemey AA, and vice-versa)

    ~Piranha (T1 Naval)
    -range increased 105 to 110
    -metal cost increased 150 to 160
    -damage increased 20 to 24
    (Dev Idea: Piranhas with torpedo changes lock down shorelines even against defense structures and grenediar/drifter retakes, this will reduce that power but increase their early game presence in naval engagements and raiding, metal increase is to slightly slow down overwhelming an opponent
    Update: Patch decreased )

    ~Narwhal (T1 Naval)
    [TLDR: Narwhals get cost reduction and nerfs, making them more spammable and better to afford early game]
    -Health reduced 750 to 525
    -Metal cost decreased 450 to 350
    -AA Weapon firerate 3.0/s to 2.4/s
    -AA Weapon damage decerased 25 to 20
    -AA Weapon AOE radius increased from 0.75 to 1.5
    -Torpedo Weapon damage decreased 250 to 150
    (Dev Idea: Allows for air to play better around Narwhals but doesn't punish players for building narwhals early and getting caught out by early naval aggression)

    ~Orca (T1 Naval)
    -Increases turn_accel from 15 to 60
    (Some tests to improve Naval navigation)
    -Added torpedo component
    -100 damage
    -AOE radius 25
    -140 range
    -Firerate 0.2 (1 every 5 seconds)
    (Dev Idea: Allows Orcas to hit Barracudas, but only trades in large numbers)

    ~Locust (T2 Bot)
    -Deleted from the game
    -build cost increased 260 metal to 250
    (Dev Note: Adjusted for factory changes weakening the unit incidentally)

    ~Slammer (T2 Bot)
    -Torpedos no longer target Hover and Water_Hover targets
    -Increased speed 14 to 15

    ~Gille (T2 Bot)
    -Range increased 180 to 200
    (Range was reduced in a recent patch, but makes it more difficult to utilize fragile, ranged units in most skill brackets)

    ~Bluehawk (T2 Bot)
    -Missile Velocity 80 to 100
    -Range increased 200 to 220

    ~Colonel (T2 Bot)
    -build arm range 30->35
    -Changed armor type of AT_Commander to Bot

    ~Leveler (T2 Vehicle)
    -Increased idle aim delay from 3 to 5
    -Decreased damaged from 300x2 to 225x2
    -Decreased partial AOE radius from 3 to 2 (full damage AOE 1 radius unchanged)
    -Increased Range from 120 to 130
    (Dev Comment: I may prefer 250x2 so that ants+drifters will still get 1 shot even if partially hit, but I want to see a lowering of leveler damage overall as their dps is insane against high health targets, but still maintain that they can 1 shot many T1s, and easily kill slammers and other soft T2. I don't like that their AOE makes them good at handling groups as well and want to reduce it slightly)

    ~Storm (T2 Vehicle)
    -range increased 100 to 120
    -damage decreased 4x15 to 4x10
    -Splash decreased 10 to 7
    -velocity increased 100 to 120
    -lifetime increased 15 to 18
    (Dev Idea: takes 3 shots to kill bombers instead of 2, but increase range for more coverage and utility for larger armies present in later stages of game)

    ~Vanguard (T2 Vehicle)
    -Metal cost increased 1500 to 1600
    -Increased range 50 to 55
    -Decreased damage from 1000 to 1250 (Including splash)
    -Decreased fire rate from 1.0 to 0.75 (Fires 1 shot every 1 second, instead of 1 shot every 2 seconds)
    -Decreased bullet velocity 100 to 80
    -Decreased turret rotation speed [Yaw_rate] 360 to 120] (2x faster than drifter, 4x faster than leveler)
    -Radar increased 260 to 300
    -Jamming removed
    (Dev Idea: Makes it so Vanguards have a better role on the frontlines of an army, but also makes them less devestating if they are inside an enemy base as well as remove jamming and give them a little more of a defined radar role in ranged warfare)

    ~Pheonix (T2 Air Fighter)
    [TLDR: Longer range, fires 4 individual shots instead of 1]
    -health decreased 240 to 225
    -range increased 120 to 150
    -damage decreased 150 to 50x4
    -Split Pheonix weapon from 2 firing points to 4, and added seperate sockets so each fires individually rather than in succession.
    -Firerate decreased from 0.33 to 1.0 x4 (each weapon gets their own firing timer now)
    -missile speed increased 150 to 250
    -Bullet lifetime 2.0 to 1.5
    -range increased 120 to 150
    (Dev Notes: I want to differentiate the T2 fighter more from its T1 counterpart and give it cleave, as the T2 fighter feels like a direct upgrade upgrade without its own quirks unlike most other T1 to T2 versions)

    ~Kestral (T2 Gunship)
    -Increased health 250 to 300
    -Range increased 60 to 80
    -Damage reduced 20 to 15
    (Dev Note: This is an older version from before a patch in the base game. I prefer this over the new one as the range makes kestrals feel better, as well as prefer more consistency instead of snowballing)

    ~Hornet (T2 Air bomber)
    -health reduced 500 to 250
    -move speed increased 30 to 40
    -metal cost 3200 to 1500
    -fire rate reduced in half from 0.4 to 0.25
    -range increase 190 to 200
    -Missile velocity decreased 160 to 100
    -Missile lifetimes reduced 15 to 8
    -vision radius increase 200 to 210
    -underwater vision radius 200 to 210
    (Dev Idea: Gives some small buffs to ease this paper-plane into prominence
    Update: Major changes made hornets essentially double in strength for double the cost. This version makes for a more precise macro element on how many a player uses and lets them get into hornets more quickly, as well as not overlap the Wyrm as much. However the projectile speed is nice, so that is added in.)

    ~Horsefly (T2 Air strafer)
    -Added Anti-Air component to flak cannon [Prioritises Anti-Air ground units first]
    -Changed air damage modifier from 0.5 to 1.0 [Horseflies do full damage vs air]
    (Dev Idea: The AA component is mostly for taking out slow, wide-hitbox targets like hornets, wyrms, angels, and other horseflies. Horseflies also have potency against Zues Titans now)

    ~Angel (T2 Air support platform)
    -metal cost increased 5000 to 5200
    -Speed increased 40 to 70 (Accel 30 to 50, acceleration 40 to 70)
    -Added interplanetary (Can move between planets)
    -Vertical speed decreased 100 to 50
    (Add more utility to an already massive utility hog, as well as allow it to keep up and play a role in fighter v fighter engagements)

    -Stingray (T2 Naval)
    -Missile velocity increased 80 to 100
    -Missile lifetime reduced 15 to 8
    -Missile turn rate 0 to 45
    -Missile damage increased 1000 to 1250
    -Increased AA-weapon (not cruise weapon) splash radius from 0.75 to 1.5
    (Dev Idea: Gives naval units an answer to the long range hornet, as well as more potent damage against wyrms and horseflies)
    (Dev Note: 5 to 4 shot typhoon and 6 to 5 leviathan. Does not change 4 shot omega nor 3 shot wyrm)

    ~ARES (Titan)
    [TLDR: Weakened it mostly, Ground Pound only damages structures, secondary weapons buffed however]
    -Health decreased 50000 to 40000
    -main guns
    - -Primary AOE radius reduced 5 to 2
    - -Partial AOE radius reduced 15 to 2
    -secondary weapons
    - -Range increased 220 to 360
    - -Firerate increased 0.7 to 1.0 a second
    - -Projectile speed increased 140 to 225
    - -Projectile lifetime increased 3.0 to 4.5
    - -(Turret pitch range increased 15 to 45 to help turret utilize full range)
    -ground crush (aoe around Titan)
    - -Does full damage to structures only [does inconsequential 2 damage to other things]
    (Dev Idea: Makes killing it easier, yet also gives a real use to secondary guns, ground pound only affecting structures allows melee units to counter ares)

    ~Astraeus (Orbital Transport)
    -Speed increased 25 to 50
    -Increased orbital speed
    (Dev Note: Intended to change capacity from 1 to 5. Despite actually working, was causing problems and was clunky)

    ~Avenger (Orbital Fighter)
    -HP increased 50 to 90
    -Speed/Accel 65 to 90 (brake 20 to 25)
    -Increased orbital speed
    -100 weapon range to 135 (36%)
    -weapon projectile speed increased 300 to 400
    (gets 3 shot by other avengers, 1 shot by everything else anti-orbital, next minimum is Omega at 65x2=130 [my version 45x2=90] and anchors at 200, Umbrella is 100)

    ~Hermes (Orbital Probe)
    -Speed 75 to 100 (brake/accel 75 to 100)

    ~ARKYD (basic orbital radar)
    -Speed/break/accel 15 to 20
    -Decreased health 1000 to 800
    (Speed changes and general power requires a tone down in health)

    ~Artemis (advanced orbital railgun)
    -Speed 30 to 50 (brake/accel 10 to 20)
    -350 range to 450

    ~SXX (orbital anti-ground laser)
    -Speed 25 to 45 (break/accel 25 to 45)

    ~Advanced Radar Satellite
    -Increased health 5000 to 5600
    (No speed changes, coupled with increased orbital delay means it needs to survive longer on well defended planets)
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    ~Omega (Advanced Orbital Battleship)
    [TLDR: Its laser guns can hit ground and general quality of life buffs]
    -Metal cost reduced 14000 to 12500
    -Speed increased 15 to 25 (brake 80 to 120, acceleration 30 to 45)
    >Orbital Guns (4 turrets, 2 barrels each)
    -added ammo file (it currently uses the same file associated with the Anchor)
    -Decreased Laser-Weapons 65x2 to 45x2
    -Decreased Laser Turret Pitch Range from 120 to 92.5
    -Omega will now prioritize other orbital units first.
    -Laser Firerate decreased 2.0 to 1.5 (fires 1.5 times a second)
    -Main anti-ground beam-gun can now target seafloor units.
    (Dev Idea: Reduces cost slightly due to increased orbital factory cost. Adds quality of life changes)

    ~Orbital Navigation
    (Increases arrival spread to a planet)
    -"orbital_arrival_radius": 100, to 300
    -"orbital_arrival_unit_radius": 7.5, to 22.5-"planetary_arrival_cooldown_time": has been increased from 3.0 to 4.0 for most units, and 2.0 for Avenger/Hermes/Astraeus
    -Most units have been hemogenized to have identical movement between planets with some exceptions.
    >Hermes and Nuke remains extremely fast
    >Avenger/Astraeus have been increased to be faster than normal
    >Solar array has been increased to average speed
    >Unit Cannon has been slowed to average speed
    >Orbital Fab/ARKYD/Artemis/SXX/Omega/Advanced Radar/Helios/T2 Air fighter remain unchanged

    ~Barnacle (T1 Naval)
    -build range increased 65 to 95
    (Dev Idea: allows it to repair more safely and consistently)

    ~Stitch (Combat Fab)
    -Increased health from 50 to 65
    (Dev Idea: Lets them take 2 stray shots from grenadier and slightly bulks up the unit but is still fragile to most things directly)

    ~Bot Basic Fabricator
    -Vision increased 100 to 120
    (Vision increase helps with reaction speeds against raiding forces early on)

    ~Vehicle Basic Fabricator
    -Speed increased 12 to 13
    -Vision increased 100 to 120
    -Increased build range 45 to 50
    (Dev Note: Gives vehicle 1st openers slightly better viability. Bot speed is still 16, and metal cost 150 vs 200 for distinct differences. May increase energy drain or reduce health of vehicle fabs slightly.)

    Basic Air Fabricator
    -Health increased 25 to 80
    -Vision increased 100 to 120
    (Can take 2 fighter shots, hopefully this gives air openers a slightly better use case without taking over completely)

    ~Naval Basic Fabricator
    -Health increased 100 to 200
    -Move speed increased 10 to 12
    -Vision increased 100 to 120
    -Increased build range 45 to 50
    (Dev Note: The naval fab has less health than the vehicle fab at 200, despite costing more, having less speed, and more threatening enemy units, not to mention T2 naval fab has more health than T2 vehicle)
    (Dev Note2: Allows for faster openings to cut down on the slow nature of early naval, as well as be less punishing when killing fabs that are far away from a factory spawn point

    ~Naval Advanced Fabricator
    -Build range increased 45 to 55
    -Changed deepwater to water-hover
    (Dev Note: This is mostly intended to be a quality of life change to help the adv ship build structures on land, as it does not have water-hover and can't get as close to shore as its basic naval fabricator counterpart)

    ~Advanced Fabricators [Vehicle/Bot/Air/Naval]
    ~Bot - Metal 1800 to 1700
    - Build range 45 to 50

    ~Veh - Metal 2025 to 1900
    - Build range 45 to 55

    ~Air - Metal 2200 to 2075

    ~Nav - Metal 2400 to 2225
    - Build range 45 to 55

    ~Each can now build all types of Titans [Atlas/Ares/Zues]
    (Dev Idea: Quality of life change, most players just relied on orbital fabs to build the desired titan)
    (Dev Note: Metal cost reduced rougly 10% across the board, more favoring naval, slightly less favoring bot)

    ~Solar Array (Advanced Orbital energy producer)
    -HP Increase 1000 to 7000
    -Metal cost increased 1600 to 5000
    -Energy production increased 3200/s to 11000/s
    -Added 100,000 energy storage (from 0)
    (Dev Idea: Solar-power is GREEN! and best! Basically this is the T3 energy producer, much like the Jig)

    ~Jig (Orbital Gas Giant Extractor)
    -HP increased 3000 to 6000
    -Metal Cost decreased 4000 to 3750
    -Removed 3,750 energy production (to 0)
    -Added 10,000 metal storage
    -Jig Explosion mainly affects buildings (units take 4 damage, structures take 4000)
    (Dev Idea: Refocuse orbital energy production to Solar Arrays, Jigs cover to many roles and were too strong for its value)

    ~Energy Storage
    -HP Reduced from 7500 to 5000
    -Metal Cost reduced 450 to 250
    -Storage increased 300,000 to 250,000
    (Dev Idea: Decrease cost so its easier to build earlier on)

    ~Basic Metal Extractor
    -Vision decreased 75 to 80
    (Vision used to be 100 in base game, and I just haven't bothered to change it to the new 75 variant. I do think 80 is actually the sweet spot)

    Advanced Metal Extractor (T2 Economy)
    -Health increased 3000 to 5000
    -Metal production decreased 18 to 17
    -Vision decreased 100 to 80
    (Dev Note: I think production is slightly too strong, but at 1800 metal cost, it should have some strong health for its heavy investment)

    ~Galata (T1 AA structure)
    -Increased AA Splash Radius from 0.75 to 1.5

    ~Single Laser Defense Tower (1 barrel)
    -Metal Cost decreased 225 to 165
    -Health Decreased 400 to 350
    -Range decreased 100 to 90
    -Damage decreased 60 to 35
    -Vision radius (+underwater vision) reduced from 130 to 110
    (Dev Idea: Adds more support against dox/strykers early game but is vulnerable to stronger T1 units, now 2 shots dox like it 2 shots strykers)

    ~Lob (T1 Defense Structure)
    [turned Lob into a unit-cannon like structure with limited range, builds Vehicle fabs/Spinners/Strykers, and bot Fabbers/Boombots/Sparks/Stingers/Dox/Grenadiers]
    -range increased 240 to 360
    -Ammo capacity 15

    ~Umbrella (Anti-Orbital Gun)
    -Bullet Velocity increased 1000 to 1250
    -Lifetime 3 to 2.4

    ~Anchor (Orbital Defense)
    -150 orbital range increased 150 to 200

    ~Catapult (Advanced Missile Defense)
    -Metal 2000 to 1750
    -Health 1500 to 1000
    -Missile velocity increased 80 to 100
    -Missile lifetime reduced 15 to 8
    -Firerate 0.4 to 0.2857 (Fires once every 3.5 seconds instead of 2.5)
    (Helps discourage constant catapult spam, but also allows for more strategic positions to be built with a metal cost reduction, and perhaps a vehicle push counter strategy)

    ~Advanced Laser Defense Tower (T2 Defense Structure - triple barrel)
    -Metal cost reduced 900 to 875
    -Health increased 4000 to 3500
    -Range increased 120 to 135
    -Damage decreased 250 to 200
    -Fire-rate decreased 5.0 to 3.5
    (Dev Idea: I feel this turret obsoletes other turrets with its fire-rate, and would prefer it hurt higher health targets, while mass attacks favors a comprehensive turret line)

    ~Flak Cannon (T2 AA)
    -HP reduced 2000 to 1700
    -Metal cost reduced 900 to 750
    -Range increased 120 to 150
    (Dev Idea: General T2 defense buffs)

    ~Advanced Torpedo Launcher (T2)
    -metal cost reduced 1000 to 950
    -range increased 210 to 300
    -Rate of fire decreased 2.0 to 1.5/s
    -torpedo lifetime increased 5 to 7
    -Vision radius increased from 210 to 260
    -Underwater vision radius increased 200 to 260
    -Radar radius increased 210 to 310
    -Sonar radius increased 210 to 310
    (Dev Idea: General T2 defense buffs)

    ~Advanced Radar (T2)
    -Added 100 radius jamming
    (Dev Comment: Allows T2 radar to have a unique impact compared to spamming T1 Radar or having orbital radar. Also increases decision making in placement and can give consideration to building more than 1-2 of these in a game)

    ~Orbital Launcher (T1)
    -Cost increased 600 to 1000

    (Dev Note: Reduce Boosting)

    ~Orbital Factory
    -Cost reduced 6000 to 4000
    -Metal Buildrate increased 60 to 72
    -Energy demand increased 2000 to 2400
    -Factory cooldown increased 4 to 6
    (Dev Note: The reduction is quite high, but still accounts for 1000 launcher, and 1300 orbital fab, and the units themselves are mostly cost-prohibitive to get early. I'm hesitant to reduce it all the way to 3600 though
    Dev Note 2: Reduce Boosting)

    ~T2 factories. (Vehicle/Bot/Air/Naval)
    -All Advanced Factory costs reduced from 4800 to 4400

    Adv Bot Factory
    -Metal Build Rate increased 45 to 60
    Energy draw per second 1500 to 1800
    30 energy per metal
    Roll off timer increased 3 seconds to 5

    Adv Vehicle Factory
    Metal build rate (60) unchanged
    Energy 2025 to 1800
    30 E/M
    Roll off time - 4 to 6.5

    Adv Air Factory
    Metal 45 to 60
    Energy 1500 to 1800
    30 E/M
    Roll off time - 2 to 5

    Adv Naval Factory
    Metal 60 to 72
    Energy 1750 to 2015
    28 E/M
    Roll off time - 6 to 9

    (Dev Note: I'm looking to have factories work better on their own without having to rely heavily on boosting, but not remove that mechanic entirely. I want to give players a reason to build multiple T2 factories, at least on medium and large maps)

    ~Unit Cannon (T2 Launcher Factory)
    -Metal cost increased 6800 to 7200
    -HP increased 18000 to 40000
    -Added Drifters, Infernos
    (Dev Idea: -Increased HP to be more in line with advanced factory HP for such a significant metal investment. Allows it to survive 1 nuke in orbital games)
    (Dev Note: -Testing filling out a roster for unit cannon, will look at the addition of storms and especially infernos closely)

    ~Anti-nuke launcher
    -Decreased building cost from 12000 to 5000
    -Increased anti-missile cost from 5000 to 9000
    -Increased Build rate from 60 to 92
    -Increased Energy Drain from 4000 to 6120 (roughly the same 66.7 energy per metal)
    (Dev Comment: Helps decrease reaction time/cost for the first missile from 17000 to 14000 but increases fully 3 equipped from 27000 to 32000. Also buildrate is increased to keep non-boosted silo build-times the same at around 80 seconds per shot)

    ~Nuke Launcher
    -Structure cost reduced 14400 to 9600
    -Missile cost increased 30000 to 34000
    -Metal Build Rate increased 90 to 120
    -Energy draw increased 6000 to 7500
    (Dev Note: Slightly reduces first shot by 400, but increases cost of follow up by 3000 as the second shot tends to nearly always finish an opponent before they can recover if the first lands. Also spiced up build rate to devalue boosting)
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    -Move Speed 6 to 8
    -Torpedo damage vs comms 50%
    -Uber cannon 72% against structures (25% against comms unchanged)

    Praetorian (Support Commander)
    -Cost reduced 7000 to 6500
    -Build range increased 30 to 35
    -Turn in place set to true
    -Turn speed 90 to 180
    -(Health unchanged at 8000)
    (Interestingly Praetorian wasn't updated like the Colonel. It also shoots twice as fast for half damage, and at 110 range compared to colonel's 100 range. Added turn rate/break rate/turn in place for Quality of Life)

    Patriot (T1 Bot AA)
    -Metal cost 100 to 150
    -Health 100 to 120
    -Move speed 15 to 14
    -Vision Radius 100 to 90
    -Increased Model size by 50%
    -Damage 25 to 35
    -Bullet Lifetime 1.0 to 1.2
    -Added 1.5 splash radius
    -Rate of fire increased 4 to 5
    -Fires 3 shots a salvo. Takes 3.6 seconds to recharge. Does not recharge while firing
    -Range 100 to 190
    -DPS aprox 32

    Purger (T1 Boombot)
    -HP 20 to 10
    -Speed 30 to 35
    -Metal 50 to 60
    -Vision 50 to 85 (+85 vision in ammo utility+death)
    -Death Jump range 40 to 30 (Utility jump untouched)
    (Legion having vision on units where the other factions dont? Lets go!)

    Peacekeeper (T1 Bot)
    -Movespeed 15 to 18
    -vision 105 to 100
    -damage 19.5 to 18
    -Projectile speed reduced 150 to 130 (Muzzle/Max Velocity)
    (Peacekeepers were balanced towards 18 speed dox originally, and now have to keep up with 20 speed dox, as well as whatever bugs is throwing around)

    Lancer (T1 Bot)
    -Health reduced 120 to 90
    -vision 100 to 130
    -166 damage to 165 (???)
    -Fire-rate 0.61 to 0.38 (Fires 1 every 2.63 secons - 105 dps to 63)
    -range increased 70 to 75
    (100 dps on a 150 metal unit is insane. Making it more burst orientated. I want range higher than peacekeeper's 70 in order to maintain the combo identity and help lancers stay behind peacekeepers)

    Orbweaver (T2 Bot AA)
    -HP 400 to 300
    -4x20 damage to 4x12 (20 to +12 splash)
    -range 140 to 110
    -AOE increased 10 to 20
    (These seem like giga-nerfs until you realize this unit costs 750 and is hitscan AOE. I would like to increase its AOE, but sacrifice raw punching damage)

    Corsair (T1 Vehicle Artillery)
    -Partial Splash radius reduced 10 to 5
    -Full Splash radius reduced 2 to 1

    Added Lynx as an anti-air armor (T1 Vehicle AA)
    -Health 155
    -Metal Cost 170
    -Speed 13
    -Vision 100
    Lynx Weapon fires a salvo of 2 shots near instantly, then 1 shot every 0.5 seconds
    -25 damage (Splash radius 1.5)
    -Range 110
    -Velocity 200
    -Ammo capacity 1
    -Ammo drain per shot 0.5
    -Rate of fire 4.0 (fires 4 shots a second [however ammo recharge makes the Lynx fire twice a second after initial salvo])
    -Gave Lynx standard Air Targetting priorities (focuses transports, bombers, gunships first)

    Scythe (T1 Air Fighter)
    -Firing arc increased 89 to 105
    -Health increased 120 to 150 [MLA 120 to 150]
    -damage increased 29x2 to 32x2
    (Helps maintain the 3 shot ratio of Scythe against Corsair and added slight QOL in arc radius with regular Legion arc overhaul)

    Marauder (T1 Gunship)
    -Health 50 to 20
    -Vision 250 to 200
    -Range 60 to 50
    (The fact this gunship has 100 speed with huge vision allows it to operate independently is crazy, however its 240 cost [compared to Icarus 125] is significant but this will still allow fast and attentative Legion players to pick off undefended fabs/raiding forces and hopefully not nerf it too much but keep it balanced)

    Bowhead (T1 Naval Battleship)
    -Adjusted turret positions to face directly left/right
    -Adjusted yaw range from 120 to 135 [turrets can turn further]

    Akula (T1 Naval Sub)
    -Firing arc increased 60 to 360
    -Torpedo turn rate reduced 120 to 75 (Lifetime 4.0)
    (This helps Akulas be utilized as the model is difficult to view at a glance where it is pointed and if its firing. The turn rate and lifetime makes it difficult to hit things from behind)

    Catfish (T1 Naval Raider)
    -Changed from Deepwater to water-hover
    -Torpedo damage reduced 250 to 150
    (Allows Legion to function on maps with shallows, as well as handle stoke spam that plagues Legion v Legion games. Torpedo reduction is compensation)

    Panzer (T2 Armor...something)
    -Move Speed 14 to 10
    -cost 1200 to 1900
    -Health 200 to 1300
    -Vision 100 to 200
    -Removed Weapon Ground/Sea. -Added AA.
    -Removed 0.5 Orbital damage modifier
    -range 180 to 240
    -Projectile lifetime increased 5.5 to 7.5
    -damage 50x6 to 75x6
    -Changed Ammo type from time to energy (essentially added two 0s to capacity/demand/ammo_per_shot)
    -Reduced fire-rate from 1.5 to 1.0
    -Ammo_capacity 6 to 2000
    -Ammo_demand 1 to 200
    -Ammo_per_shot 2 to 1000
    -Switched Carpet modes off
    -Gave it air targetting priorities (it will target transports+bombers+gunships+titans, but will randomly choose between orbital and air afterwards)
    (Weapon works by firing 2 shots within 2 seconds, but then fires 1 shot every 5 seconds, can bank 2 shots)
    (I want to try a tanky single target T2 AA. I also think Armor has so many units that attack ground, and this just cluttered their roster. Its also at 1900 metal cost, much higher than any other T2 AA)

    Firebird (T2 Air Fighter)
    -Health decreased 240 to 225 [MLA 240 to 225]

    Comet (Demi-Titan teleporter)
    -Metal cost 4000 to 8000
    -HP 1900 to 4000
    (Delays the timing of Comets for invasions but makes them last longer when they actually arive to a planet. Interestingly, their planetary arrival cooldown is 8.0 seconds, far above the 3/4 seconds of everything else)

    Thor (Walker Titan)
    -Thor health increased 60000 to 95000
    -Thor Movespeed increased 11 to 13
    -Cannon range reduced 400 to 270
    -Cannon damage reduced 2x600 to 2x200 (+splash)
    -Cannon firerate increased 3.03 to 2 seconds per shot
    -Cannon splash radius reduced 15 to 5
    -Laser range reduced 250 to 200
    -Laser damage reduced 175 to 100 (+splash 150 to 100)
    -Laser splash radius reduced 5 to 0.5
    -Laser spread fire set to true
    -Missile Range increased 170 to 180
    -Missile splash radius reduced 12 to 5
    -Missile damage increased 100x16 to 140x16 (+splash 100 to 140)
    -Missile Firerate increased from 11.11 to 8.0 seconds per shot
    -Crush damage (Stomp) reduced 500 to 400
    -Crush damage only damages buildings.
    -Crush damage fire rate increased 0.76 to 0.5 (fires more often
    (Dev Note: I want to increase Thor's ability to survive and tank on the frontline as an assault bot, and in turn reduce its damage so a singular thor cant wipe out armies but allows supporting armies to do the damage for it)

    Odin (Armor Titan)
    -Health 50000 to 45000
    -Main gun damage decreased 5600 to 4900
    -Main gun AOE reduced 30 to 20 (partial damage 600, full damage radius reduced 10 to 5)
    -Odin stomp/crush now deals full structure to buildings, and aprox 0.1% or 2-3 damage to nearby units.
    -Increased crush fire-rate from 1 to 2 attacks a second [Same as Ares, and now matches its dps as well]
    (Note 1: I enjoy the crush mechanics of the Ares and Odin. I think it should do inconsequential damage to nearby units, but be significant against structures.
    Note 2: I also decreased its health, but tweeked damage as compensation for Ares vs Odin matchups so that the Ares wins when using secondary guns but loses when it does not. Note 3: I decreased main damage radius and partial damage so that targetting high health targets matter more, but increased partial damage radius for now as compensation, however I may nerf it if the Odin performs too well against T2 compositions compared to Ares)

    -(Changed Orbital movement/spread/arrival, see orbital notes for more details)

    Centurion (Orbital Defense)
    -Orbital range 150 to 200

    Chariot (transport)
    -System_Multi 10.0 to 16.75
    -Gravwell 5.0 to 7.0
    -Speed/brake/accel 25 to 50
    -Orbital arrival delay decreased 4.0 to 2.0 (base game 3.0 to 4.0)

    Spectre (Scout)
    -Speed/brake/accel 75 to 100
    -Orbital arrival delay decreased 4.0 to 2.0 (base game 3.0 to 4.0)
    -System Multi 15.0 to 22.0
    -Gravwell_veloc 50.0 to 9.0

    Viper (Orbital fighter)
    -Health Reduced 100 to 80
    -Speed/Accel Increased 65 to 90 (Break 20 to 25)
    -Decreased turn rate from 200 to 100
    -Weapon Projectile speed increased 300 to 400
    -Range increased 100+200 to 200+280 [Viper has 2 weapons of the same type, different range]
    -Increase Main weapon Yaw-Range from 75 to 90 (180 degree firing arc) [base 280 range weapon]
    -Increase Secondary Weapon yaw_range from 75 to 360 [base 140 range weapon]
    -Orbital arrival delay decreased 4.0 to 2.0 (base game 3.0 to 4.0)
    -gravwell 6.0 to 8.0
    -System_multi 15.0 to 19.0
    (Gets 2 shot by avenger, 1 shot by omegas/imperators. More changes to make the matchup more dynamic as well as some quality of life changes)

    Sputnik (Orbital Radar)
    -Speed/break/accel 15 to 20

    Paladin (Advanced orbital railgun)
    -Speed 30 to 50 (brake/accel 10 to 20)
    -350 range to 450

    Black Knight (Orbital to ground laser)
    -Speed/break/accel 20 to 40
    -(Interestingly, the black-knight has a dedicated cooldown time of 5.0 seconds above regular default 3.0. My default is 4.0)

    Imperator (Orbital battleship)
    -Speed 20 to 30 (brake 80 to 120, acceleration 30 to 45)
    [MLA Speed 15 to 25, brake/accel same]
    -Metal Cost 14000 to 12500
    -Orbital Beam Weapons damage (3x) 65x1 damage to 45x1
    -Orbital Beam Weapons Firerate decreased 1.0 to 0.75
    -Orbital Beam Weapons can target ground targets (Will prioritise orbital first)
    -Orbital Beam Weapons pitch range increased 60 to 92.5
    -Main anti-ground beam-gun can now targets seafloor units.
    (May increase range of the large orbital gun and figure out what its purpose is)

    --Structures and Fabricators

    Orbital Fab
    -Metal Cost 1300 to 1100
    -Metal build rate reduced 45 to 37
    -Energy draw reduced 1500 to 1250
    (Helps Legion get into Starcannon tech. Build rate reduced below 38 equivelent number as compensation)

    Orbital Launcher
    -Metal cost increased 600 to 1000

    Orbital Factory
    -Metal cost reduced 6000 to 4000
    -Build rate increased 60 to 72
    -Energy demand increased 2000 to 2400
    -Factory cooldown increased 4 to 6

    -Remove all T2 units (Fabs+Scorpion+Orbweaver)
    -Remove Some T1 units (Shank, Maul)
    -14 Capacity to 20
    -Metal Cost reduced 2400 to 650
    -Health reduced 3000 to 600
    -Roll-off delay reduced 4.0 to 2.0
    -Ground Vision reduced 150 to 100
    -Metal Build rate 45 to 18
    -Energy Draw 2250 to 700
    (The cheaper cost compared to the Lob's 1200 is due to orbital launchers costing 1000, and orb fabbers at 1300. I also feel starcannon power will be reduced over time so late game spamming isn't as big an issue)

    -HP increased 3000 to 6000
    -Metal Cost increased 3000 to 3750
    -Removed 3750 Energy Production
    -Added 10,000 metal storage
    -(Shares Jig explosion)

    Basic Metal Extractor
    -Vision decreased 100 to 80
    (Helps with raiding/snipes and extractors covering too much area to sneak things in)

    Advanced Mass Extractor
    -HP 3000 to 5000
    -Metal Production 18 to 17

    OmniSilo Storage
    -Energy Storage increased 75k to 225k

    ~Walker Fab (T1 Bot Fab)
    -Vision increased 100 to 120

    Armor Fabricator (T1 Vehicle Fab)
    -Speed increased 11 to 12
    -Increase build range 45 to 50
    -Vision increased 125 to 135 (curious that it was 125 already)

    Flyer Fab (T1 Air Fab)
    -Health 85 to 160
    -speed 30 to 32 (+accel/break)
    -Metal cost 225 to 285
    -Build rate 10 to 12
    -energy draw 800 to 975
    -vision range 100 to 120
    (Makes it more unique compared to MLA air fabs with the general concept of concept of costing more, building better)

    Fabrication Vessel (T1 Naval Fab)
    -Move Speed Increased 9 to 11
    -HP increased 180 to 360
    -Vision increased 100 to 120
    (Dev Note: I will return to these numbers later and likely decrease health of Legion vessel)

    Advanced Fabrication Vessel (T2 Naval Fab)
    -Added Water Hover (movespeed unchanged)

    All Advanced Fabricators
    -All Advanced Fabricators can construct the Loki/Odin/Thor
    -Adv Walker metal 2000 to 1900
    range 45 to 50

    -Adv Armor metal 2250 to 2100
    range 45 to 55

    -Adv Flyer metal 2400 to 2250

    -Adv Vessel metal 2700 to 2500
    range 45 to 50

    All Advanced Factories
    -Cost reduced 4800 to 4400
    (I decided to hemogenize all factory buildrates to 60, instead of increase Legion's by a factor of 25% which would have brought it to 62.5)

    Adv Walker Factory
    -Metal Build Rate 50 to 60
    -Energy Consumption 1650 to 1800
    -33 energy per metal to 30
    -Roll Off Time 3 to 5

    Adv Armor Factory
    -Metal Build Rate 50 to 60
    -Energy 1650 to 1800
    33 to 30 E/M
    -Roll off time 4 to 6.5

    Adv Flyer Factory
    -Metal Build Rate 50 to 60
    -Energy 1650 to 1800
    -33 to 30 E/M
    -Roll off time 2 to 5

    Adv Ship Factory
    -Metal Build Rate 65 to 72
    -Energy 1900 to 2015
    -29.2 to 28 E/M
    -Roll off time 6 to 9

    Overseer (T2 Radar)
    -Added 100 radius jamming

    ~Anti-nuke launcher
    -Decreased building cost from 15600 to 6000
    -Increased anti-missile cost from 5000 to 9000
    -Increased Build rate from 60 to 92
    -Increased Energy Drain from 4000 to 6120

    ~Nuke Launcher
    -Structure cost reduced 14400 to 9600
    -Missile cost increased 30000 to 34000
    -Metal Build Rate increased 90 to 120
    -Energy draw increased 6000 to 7500
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    Maintenence 1.55 UPDATE Patch on Live


    - anti_entity_targets updated to include Narwhal AA (pa/units/sea/frigate/frigate_ammo_aa.json)
    - anti_entity_targets updated to include Stingray AA (pa/units/sea/missile_ship/missile_ship_aa_ammo.json)

    Updated to live

    - max_health reduced from 600 to 500
    Remains 250 in mod.
    - rate_of_fire reduced from 0.5 to 0.4 Remains 0.25 in mod.
    (Dev Note: See other mod balance changes)

    - aggressive_distance reduced from 70 to 60
    Remains 70 in mod
    - brake increased from 20 to 30 Remains 20 in mod
    (Dev Note: not sure these changes are necessary and enhance quality of life, makes them require more personal micro rather than self-sufficient in acquiring targets. The brake makes them less floaty and while it makes them more responsive, makes them less unique as a drone type unit. Also modded Icarus speed IS slower)

    - build_metal_cost reduced from 160 to 140
    (was 140 in mod already)
    - brake increased from 20 to 60
    Updated to Live (Additionally removed all references to pelican in main notes, being a 1 to 1 in live)

    Advanced Laser Tower
    - max_range reduced from 130 to 120
    (Mod 135 value unchanged)
    - rate_of_fire reduced from 5 to 3 shots/sec (Mod 3.5 value unchanged)
    - damage increased from 150 to 250 (Mod 200 value unchanged)
    (Dev Note: Seems to be an overcorrection of numbers, though range values must be higher in mine due to lack of range depression changes in levelers/bluehawks/gilles)

    Advanced Metal Extractor
    - observer items radius reduced from 100 to 75 for surface_and_air
    (Unchanged 80 Mod Value)
    - observer items radius reduced from 100 to 75 for underwater (Unchanged 80 Mod Value)

    Metal Extractor
    - observer items radius reduced from 100 to 75 for surface_and_air
    - observer items radius reduced from 100 to 75 for underwater (80)

    - max_range reduced from 220 to 200
    (Unchanged 220)
    (Dev Note: Range depression unnecessary as bluehawks/gilles are not utilized at most skill brackets, and makes bluehawks worse against omegas)

    - max_health increased from 6000 to 8000
    (Mod value was already 8000)
    - target_priorities updated to: (Colonel has priorities in Mod already, but does not target EnergyProduction [Icarus])
    - Mobile - Air
    - Air & ( EnergyProduction | Transport | Bomber | Gunship | Titan )
    - Structure - Wall
    - Mobile & Air
    - Wall

    - max_range reduced from 200 to 180
    (Mod value unchanged at 200)
    - target_priorities updated to: (Added priorities to Mod)
    - Air & (Tactical | Heavy | MissileDefense)
    - Mobile - Air
    - Structure - Wall
    - Mobile & Air
    - Wall

    - firing_standard_deviation reduced from 1.5 to 0
    (Mod unchanged at 1.5)
    (Dev Note: Grenadiers in the mod operate very differently)

    - max_range reduced from 130 to 120
    (Unchanged in mod 130)
    (Dev note: Other mod nerfs make it so this particular range is needed for the altered leveler)

    - max_health increased from 60 to 80
    (mod was 80 already)

    - target_priorities for the tactical missile updated to include the Angel (MissileDefense) as a top priority
    (Updated to Live)
    - Added UNITTYPE_AirDefense to unit_types
    (Updated to Live)

    - useable range increased from 10 to 20
    (Adjusted mod to Live)
    - move_speed increased from 25 to 50 (Already 50 in mod)
    - brake increased from 25 to 30 (Adjusted mod to Live)

    Orbital Factory
    - build_metal_cost reduced from 6000 to 4200
    (Mod version 4000 unchanged)

    Advanced Radar Satellite/Pheonix/ARKYD/Artemis/Astraeus/Avenger/Nuke/Helios/Hermes/SXX/Unit Cannon/Astraeus
    - system_velocity_multiplier increased from 15 to 30
    (Mod movement remains general 15 excluding fighter/nuke/transport exceptions)
    - gravwell_velocity_multiplier increased from 6 to 10 (Mod movement remains general 6 excluding fighter/nuke/transport exceptions)
    (Dev Note: General speed increase is unnecessary and too fast, even if equalizing orbital movement is necessary, however exceptions like nukes, transports, and fighters should have increased speed from the norm for more interesting variation and tactics)

    Patch 1.55b
    -Reduced Colonel cost from 6500 to 6000
    -Changed Colonel armor type from Commander to Bot
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    Patch 1.56

    Firefly (air scout)
    -metal cost increased 60 to 90

    Orbital Celestial Movements between planets
    -Adjusted orbital speeds to match live patch (were originally slower)
    -Nukes/Unit cannons/fighters/legion scouts hemogenized
    -Astraeus/Avenger/Hermes and Legion variants Chariot/Viper/Spectre will move faster than regular orbital units
    >System_Velocity increased 30.0 to 36.0
    >Gravwell increased 10.0 to 12.0

    ~Lob (T1 Defense Structure)
    [turned Lob into a unit-cannon like structure with limited range, builds Vehicle fabs/Skitters/Spinners/Strykers, and bot Fabbers/Boombots/Sparks/Stingers/Dox/Grenadiers]
    -range increased 240 to 360
    -Ammo capacity 15
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    Patch 1.57

    ~Angel (T2 Air support platform)
    -metal cost increased 5000 to 5200
    -Speed increased 40 to 70 (Accel 30 to 50, acceleration 40 to 70)
    -Added interplanetary (Can move between planets)
    -Vertical speed decreased 100 to 50 (Same as pheonix...I have no idea why it had vertical speed in the first place)
    (Add more utility to an already massive utility hog, as well as allow it to keep up and play a role in fighter v fighter engagements)

    ~Lob (T1 Defense Structure)
    -Removed boombots
    -Added ants (Fixed sparks being unable to be used)
    -range reduced 360 to 320 [vanilla 260]

    ~Ant (T1 Vehicle)
    -Increased turn speed 90 to 120 [Vanilla 120]


    -Adjusted orbital movement between planets [All orbital units are as fast as MLA units, and the Chariot/Spectre/Viper equivelents are made faster alsongside Astraeus/Hermes/Avenger]
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    Patch 1.58

    Vanguard (T2 Vehicle)
    -Increased metal cost 1500 to 1600
    -Decreased range 60 to 55 [Vanilla 50]
    -Increased damage 750 to 1250 [Vanilla 1000]
    -Decreased firerate 1.0 to 0.75
    -Decreased weapon velocity 100 to 80
    -Decreased turret rotation speed [Yaw_rate] 360 to 120 (2x faster than drifter, 4x faster than leveler)
    (Changes to be less anti-swarm, more costly for 1st few vanguards entering the field)

    Slammer (T2 Bot)
    -Torpedos no longer target Hover and Water_Hover targets
    -Increased speed 14 to 15

    Bot Fab
    -Vision increased 100 to 120
    (Allows for slightly more reaction time against incoming raids in the early game)

    Vehicle Fab
    -Increase build range 45 to 50
    -Vision increased 100 to 120
    (Allows more stackability when assisting with fabs+vehicles, and ever so slight increase to uptime when mex expanding)

    Air Fab
    -Vision increased 100 to 120

    Naval Fab
    -Increased build range 45 to 50
    -Vision increased 100 to 120

    Advanced bot Fab
    -Increased build range 45 to 50

    Advanced Vehicle Fab
    -Increased build range 45 to 55

    Advanced Naval Fab
    -Increased build range 50 to 55 [Vanilla 45]



    Walker Fab
    -Vision increased 100 to 120

    Armor Fab
    -Increase build range 45 to 50
    -Vision increased 125 to 135 (curious that it was 125 already)

    Flyer Fab
    -Vision increased 100 to 120
    -Health 120 to 160 [Vanilla 85]
    -speed 35 to 32 (+accel/break) [Vanilla 30]
    -Metal cost 225 to 285
    -Build rate 10 to 12
    -energy draw 800 to 975
    (Making it more unique compared to MLA fab

    Vessel Fab
    -Increased build range 45 to 50
    -Vision increased 100 to 120

    Advanced Walker Fab
    -Increased build range 45 to 50

    Advanced Armor Fab
    -Increased build range 45 to 55

    Advanced Naval Fab
    -Increased build range 50 to 55 [Vanilla 45]

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