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    Hi everyone, leonely here.
    This is a simple mod, to boost the health of the commander to avoid the sniping nukes, or right click with wyrms, etc.
    Maybe im blind, but i didnt see any kind of mod that already do this.

    To avoid any discussion, im doing this becuse i hate to counter nuke the enemy with more nukes and somehow snipe the commander enemy. And having that expirience of not getting the satisfaction to obilerate the enemy with DOZENS of nukes in the enemy planet, or launching hundreds of units, etc, makes me pretty mad/sad.

    Spare with me with my bad english and my unexpirience work in programming.

    Best regards

    PS: Im sure im messing with this thread, becuse i want to test some things and my problem for now its that i cannot see my mod published, so if anyone can tell me what im doing wrong, go ahead, so i can fix it.


    Changing the HP of the Commander Unit: 12000 HP --------- to --------- 75000 HP. This is a buff

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