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    PTexEdit is a Java texture editing application for papa files based off of DeathByDenim's Papa Texture Editor. Version 0.3 is currently available on GitHub and to my knowledge supports all image formats PA actually uses.

    Java must be installed installed to run the program. If you do not have Java, you can download it here: java.com/en/download/

    PTexEdit is capable of both reading and writing papa files and does not rely on any preexisting papa file to overwrite. Referenced / embedded textures can be created or destroyed by dragging and dropping nodes in the tree. Note that referenced textures only consider textures that are currently loaded, so they may be inaccurate to what the game loads until saved. Referenced textures must be saved independently from the parent file.

    The actual image data is cached when reading a file. This means that it is safe to open a texture, change the name or SRGB status, and then save without worry of having the image quality being lowered for DXT based textures.

    File -> Open / Save is for papa files.
    File -> Import / Export is for image files.
    Drag and drop is also supported for most file based operations (including in Batch Convert).
    The file menus do not support folder reading, but drag and drop does. For this reason drag and drop is recommended.

    DXT encoding is supported through the use of JSquish which produces fairly good results. However, papatran is faster and produces marginally better results. If you need the absolute best quality then it's recommended to compile with papatran.

    Format options:

    DXT1 - Lossy compression without alpha / transparency (8:1 compression ratio).
    DXT5 - Lossy compression with alpha / transparency (4:1 compression ratio).
    R8G8B8A8, R8G8B8X8, B8G8R8A8 - uncompressed textures, all 3 formats produce identically sized files.
    R8G8B8X8 Does not support alpha.
    R8 - Red channel only.

    If you are unsure what format you should compile to, DXT1 / DXT5 are the go-tos for most all images.

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    (I can't post links so you have to remove the space between 'git' and 'hub' to access)
    Application download: https://git hub.com/Luther-1/PTexEdit/releases/tag/v0.3

    Thanks to DeathByDenim for making the original Papa Texture Editor and Anonemous2 for general feedback (and for the Quincy).

    Change log
    Version 0.1: Initial release.
    Version 0.1.1: Minor bug fixes and menu improvements.
    Version 0.2: Bug fixes related to linked textures and convert folder. Additional UI functionality.
    Version 0.2.1: Fixes for features introduced in 0.2
    Version 0.2.2: Copy now copies the image exactly as seen in the editor. Added icon.
    Version 0.2.3: Small program feel improvements and bug fixes.
    Version 0.3: Initial support for all PapaFile components. UI Graphic updates. UI improvements. Additonal functionality.
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    Cool, a sane UI!
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    thx, i will need to check this out and import into eclipse and combine with some java texture generation software

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