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    This one can still be tweaked as needed to get the games to play out the way I want, but I wanted to see what people think about it. The general idea is that players start on a ring of land that has about half the metal on the planet. Inside this ring is a bit more metal, and then the rest is out in the ocean. The ocean has several islands to maneuver around as well as one obvious line of metal connecting the two bases.

    My goal is to force some hard macro decisions on a 1v1 map by offering several distinct ways to play the map. You should be able to focus on land early game and end up in a pretty strong position if you can manage to slow the other player's expansion in the water. I think there is enough metal in the water that you can go heavy into naval and give up some of the land, too. The metal inside the ring is a nice prize for whoever can hold the ring, but it will be hard to take early on unless you send your commander or build a naval factory in there.

    I'm sure my vision for this map will last only as long as it takes for someone to download it and find the optimal way to play it, which is why I'm just marking this as a work in progress.


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