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    Client mod which creates custom server mods using Galactic War cards.


    Requires recent features circa 94157+. For WIP, copy into client_mods, just like with PAMM. This is crazy experimental, so use at your own risk. Disable both client and server mods when done.


    Use the "Army of Cards" button on the start screen to open the builder. The "Create Server Mod" button at the bottom will write out a new server mod using the selections you made, and register it with Community Mods Manager.

    You may have multiple armies with different selections. Each army should have a different name.

    Select an army to activate it's card selection. Select start card/loadout, and then any number of additional cards.

    Subcommanders and slots are not used. You can add allied AI commanders in the lobby as normal, if you want.


    In the lobby, the game host can select a tag to use for each army. Note this is army level, not player level.

    Unfortunately an extra reload will be triggered when reconnecting to a game using spec tags.
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    Awesome, you have created amod that creates custom mods... Didn't even think this was possible.
    Excellent work, just as always :)
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