why in the single play campaign are the opnents get the best spots

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    i reloaded a map 7 times and each time though a little different there was one spot that had more than 3 metal so i start and then put up a basic place build my 5 builders and by the time they move down the others had 3 aa turrets 6 basic factory's finished. what ever you did needs to be unfucked thanks for making a game i loved into something that makes me rage to no end because looks to be the word balance means nothing. also nurf nukes you ******* twats
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    Did you watch the replay to learn from the AI?
    Pumping out 5 fabricators right off the bat typically drains both metal and energy in short order and slows your production way down.
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    Your opponent often mirrors your spawn location so they get a similar starting position. Sometimes you get unlucky and don't get a good start but that's the nature of Galactic War and you can overcome it or pick different systems to mount more tech until it becomes possible.

    Also nukes are underpowered at the moment, unless you get so much tech your allies can nuke your opponents within 8 minutes...

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