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    If you go to fight a faction leader you sure as hell better have orbital tech, you should also pray they don't smash you with one of the many planets that only require one engine. Performance suffers horribly 20 minutes into a faction leader fight, worse then I've ever seen with PA before. There are several bugs with the lobbies that still are not fixed and it seems more have been added in. The AI is not easier then ever in galactic war because all the planet are 300-500 radius, making games into a cookie cutter spam to win game even more so with the restricted tech, only have one kind of factory? Better hope spamming will win you the game. I hope the next patch comes soon.
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    why didn't you post this here: https://forums.uberent.com/threads/the-galactic-war-begins.59714/unread
    or here


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