What Games are you looking forward the most in 2009/2010?

Discussion in 'Unrelated Discussion' started by TheBigOne, March 31, 2009.

  1. TheBigOne

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    We all know that the old games were better then new games as was everything else in the past ;)
    However there are a few games I am really looking forward to:

    1. Fallout : Between Good And Evil - A fanmade Fallout based on the Fallout 2 Engine which is being developed since 2005. Fallout 3 was the best 1st person RPG so far I think but I still prefer the old Fallout 2 with his more black humour and political incorrectness. The screens and artworks revealed so far look like the achieve that atmosphere.

    2. The Secret World : I never played a MMO so far, but TSW catched my attention as Ragnar Tornquist is responsible for the story and I really love The Longest Journey and Dreamfall. Dreamfall Chapters would be 0. but I doubt it will be released before 2011 or probably even 2012 or never.

    3. Starcraft II : Well what shall I say, Starcraft was the first game I played via the Internet and I still like it after all these years, having played Starcraft II on the Games Convention 2007 and 2008 already I can't wait to get my hands on it again. My brother would or maybe even will kill to get in the beta I think but winning won of those competition Blizzard runs will be hard as hell.

    4. TheUberGame : I have no clue what your game is about so it has my attention. Maybe you shouldn't reveal anything at all til it is finished and just put a black box with a price tag in the shelves.
  2. gnats3

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    Definitely SC2. I'm getting the original finally and am playing the demo right now, and it is pretty fun. "TheUberGame" is the only other one I can think of right now.
  3. neutrino

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    I play most of the big releases.

    Modern Warfare 2 looks cool.
    Halo3 DLC.
    Guitar Hero Metallica

    Lots of other stuff.

    I still have a few games I'm trying to get through as well.
  4. Sorian

    Sorian Official PA

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    Guitar Hero Metallica: Makes me wish I could afford the console and accessories.
  5. nyx

    nyx Moderator Alumni

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    Guitar Hero: Metallica, INDEED

    I am looking forward to Uncharted 2, I liked the first one ok.

    The Uber Game, I get to play, so the release date only matters to see the Uber team succeed with their awesomeness.

    Other than that, I have been too busy at work to care about other games....
  6. Col_Jessep

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    Im looking forward to (order: do not want to must have):
    - Hide and seek with Conficker. I work in the IT departement of my university and hunting down that worm will be our bread and butter for quite some time. All hail Windows autostart and USB sticks. :roll:
    - Random RPG, probably Drakensang or/and Fallout 3 addon.
    - Demigod.
    - The next good RTS without Securom (installation limits and hidden drivers are made of fail and loose).
    - And of course the Ubergame if its not an adventure , racing or sports game (which is highly unlikely I think).
  7. scathis

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    I'm really looking forward to:
    Starcraft 2 - Hell yeah. The lead designer was my boss at EA, he rocks. Going to be a great game.
    Modern Combat 2 - CoD4 is one of my favorite all time games, Infinity Ward can do little wrong.
    Uber Game - It's been fun for months and keeps getting more fun. How could you not love a racing RPG with sports metaphors wrapped into it?
    Team Fortress 2 updates - Please, Please, Please do a "meet the spy" or a spy update. I'd also be ok with a soldier update.
  8. Col_Jessep

    Col_Jessep Moderator Alumni

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    It also needs Tacgnol, ninjas, parcour passages and Steven Segal or Chuck Norris.

    PS: Please let this be the main character. <3

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