Unexpected result from WorldView#fixupBuildLocations (aka AbleGamers crash)

Discussion in 'Mod Support' started by wondible, September 28, 2015.

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    Calling WorldView.prototype.fixupBuildLocations with Kaiju on a planet that does not support water will return ok:true, but pos:[0,0,0]. Passing [0,0,0] to the create_unit message is what causes the actual server crash.

    Drifters are fine. Naval exhibits the same behavior, so it's probably spawn layer.

    If only the 'ok' value is changed, please provide a distinct desc. Current workaround is to replace the zeros with the pre-fixup location, and I want to be able to continue detecting this case. Bonus points for being able to distinguish normally unpathable areas from pathable-but-no-water.

    Quick reproduction:

    Use Bulk Create Units 2.0.0 and bulk-paste (shift+ctrl+v) Kaiju on a metal, moon, or lava planet.

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