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Discussion in 'Support!' started by techdemon12112, September 23, 2018.

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    so I keep getting an error when logging in, I've looked everywhere for a solution but everything I've tried just seems to not work, I even reinstalled the game, even reinstalled steam for that matter, but I keep getting greeted with this:
    Unable to Sign In

    Unknown Error authenticating, possibly related to firewall or antivirus settings. Please
    contact support if problem persists. ({"Message":"Could not resolve host: 4.uberent.com"})
    I've tried finagling with my firewall, but from having a moderator on the discord glance at the issue they suggested it was a DNS error, though I would have to admit not knowing what that is.

    I've found the most recent logs which I will post below.

    please tell me if there's something I left out and I will do everything I can to get you the info you need

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    DNS is what translates addresses like 4.uberent.com into IP addresses that computer can use to connect to each other.

    I've been looking over your logs, and it is basically claiming that 4.uberent.com does not exist. This is the authentication server for PA, hence the failure to sign in.

    The link that @mwreynolds posted is what you should try. But I also wanted to draw attention at the clean boot option at the bottom of that list as that is often overlooked.

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