Ubuntu 18.10 - AMD rx580 success

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    Using Ubuntu 18.10 with AMD rx 580. Success.

    By using updated open source drivers from a ppa, the performance of PA increased. Nevertheless, there is still the use-after-free-bug, which causes wrong textures to be printed often. But its okay to play for me for now.

    Here is the ppa for ubuntu I used:
    https://launchpad.net/~oibaf/ archive/ubuntu/graphics-drivers

    AMD RX 580, i5, 16GB-Ram, 4k

    My PA settings
    Virtual Textures: High
    Light: Uber
    Shaddow: High
    Environment-Darkening: Off
    Anti-Aliasing: Off
    HDR: On
    Resolution: 100%
    Mode: Fullscreen

    For now, I can recommand playing PA:Titans with rx580 despite the artefacts and lazy menu rendering. Until someone might come up with a better option.

    Video encoding

    Moreover, by using the newest driver, you can use hardware acceleration to encode a 4k live stream. You might reduce the framerate a bit more, because 4k h264 encoding with ffmpeg is still heavy despite hardware acceleration.

    I used the follwing command for recording:

    ffmpeg -video_size 3840x2160 -framerate 15 -f x11grab -i :1.0 output4.mp4 -hwaccel h264_amf -b:v 10K -compression_level 1

    Audio is working fine with standard pulseaudio setup. I use separate HDMI port for digital audio output to a AV Receiver for hq setup. Subwoofer for huge explosions outstanding :)

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