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    How active will you guys be on reading and responding to reviews (particularly Steam ones)? Obviously there are a lot of ill-informed people writing reviews and making mistakes in them, which could adversely affect popularity for PA. Would you guys go in and add a Developer comment on some of these, clarifying information? I also think that it looks pretty good when developers are concerned enough about their community to respond to reviews, similar to how you guys did on these forums?

    [This isn't about the integrity of reviews, bring that in and I will have one of the mods delete unrelated posts/lock the thread. I do not condone negativity here.]
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    Yeh, a nice clear developer response on the steam boards, or as a press release, would really ease some of the tensions. I personally don't care that much, but lots of people seem to be quite upset...
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    Oh, and please, please DON'T let @BradNicholson do the announcement. PR guy is the last person they want to hear from on Steam forums, unless you want the announcement shred apart. Just a short 3-4 sentence statement from lead developer.
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    Not even we backers know what's going on, sadly...
    So yes, please make a honest statement coming from someone actually evolved in decision making.

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