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Do you think Uber has lived up to there promises of greater communication with the fanbase?

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  1. bombanater

    bombanater New Member

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    So maybe this is a minor gripe... but It bugs me a bit how Uber keeps saying how there going to increase there communication with there fanbase. They never seem to announce anything, or gives us a general idea of there upcoming updates. ESPECIALLY now that they've laid off so much of there staff (My best wishes to those individuals, and I hope they find more work soon)

    I like Planetary Annihilation, I want to know what to expect from the game and how much longer there actually planing to work on it.
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  2. stuart98

    stuart98 Post Master General

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    They're doing much better. It's infinitely better than it was 2 months ago, but they still have a ways to go.
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  3. MrTBSC

    MrTBSC Post Master General

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    imho people are asking them for TOO much communication ...
  4. bombanater

    bombanater New Member

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    Fair enough, but I"m not asking for a week by week play by play, just an estimation of what they plan to release.
    I'm sure they have some kind of plan for updates, its not as if they spontaneously toss out updates every couple months. I'm sure they have updates planned for weeks and months before there put in motion
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  5. ndm250

    ndm250 New Member

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    Have you not been following the recent forum posts? They have been outlining updates.
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  6. cptconundrum

    cptconundrum Post Master General

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    Yeah I think the op missed a couple threads. They made it pretty clear what will be in the next patch coming Nov. 26-29
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  7. igncom1

    igncom1 Post Master General

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    Before someone else has to ask, link? (If possible)
  8. calmesepai

    calmesepai Member

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  9. nixtempestas

    nixtempestas Post Master General

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    the communication asked for has been on the front page of GD for a long time...

    just do a search for posts by @jables and you'll find all the good stuff.

    Though having those biweekly work updates and the like hold a sticky position (until the next one of course) would be nice.

    All in all though, I've been very pleased with the improvements to communications
  10. Raevn

    Raevn Moderator Alumni

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    If you follow Jables (and/or other Uber staff or forum members), you can see any time they post or like something by going to your news feed. To follow someone, click on their name, then click "follow" in the pop-up box that appears (or on their profile page).


    Recent communication in roughly the last week (not counting the posts they make here or there to help with modders or Sorian's AI updates):
    Edit: An example of Sorian's posts: https://forums.uberent.com/threads/rel-server-queller-ai-alpha-v0-3.65795/page-2#post-1032409 (there's a number of posts by him in that thread).
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  11. philoscience

    philoscience Post Master General

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    Jables is doing a great job keeping us informed on exactly what is being worked on in the current moment. You'll notice if you read those posts that it is a pretty small list. Uber is a much smaller company now and simply doesn't have time for everything. It wouldn't make sense to try and lay out a timeline beyond whatever they are immediately working on and maybe some near-future goals as they can't really be sure when or even if they will get around to everything. This is always the case and history has shown that there is a limit to how useful timelines are for us. I think the way they are doing it now is probably for the best.
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  12. superouman

    superouman Post Master General

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    It's fine as it is. We don't need to know the color of their underwear.
  13. paulusss

    paulusss Active Member

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    Hah i must say i didn't think there would be a thread about this now jables is communicating allot more with the fanbase, and i must say that it's a long time but i have to disagree with you ^^ which is a very good thing imho!

    as said before you must have missed some post from mister jables ^^
  14. theseeker2

    theseeker2 Well-Known Member

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    you spelled color right, god bless
  15. LmalukoBR

    LmalukoBR Well-Known Member

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    I would just like to listen on what are the long term goals for the game, who is working on what would be a nice thing to know too. Like when you are working on a scientific project we can't say something is going to be done in x amount of time (i work in biology, trust me, giving time tables is like poking at an angry god). But we have to write reports on what we intend getting done, we can't always say on what we are working cause its patent protected.

    So how do we do it?

    We give a chronogram with things we intend to do, it's less detailed the further the goal is, and more detailed the closer we are to it. So at a glance someone can see what is intended to be done. When problems arrive, and they always do, we just say that x part of the project is being postponed or scraped, but we give the justification for the decision. I find this system good cause it helps manage the project, allocate resources, and keep the funding agencies on the loop of what is being done and how the project is developing.
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  16. Tontow

    Tontow Active Member

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  17. eratosthenes

    eratosthenes Active Member

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    I''m officially deeming that the asking for communication bit is ridiculous. The only way they can top the groveling they are doing now is by setting up a 8 hour a day livestream from Uber's office with poor jables sitting in front of the camera being subjected to 101 questions and demands from entitled nobodies who think that buying a game = I'm now part owner and you are now my employees. Jeesh!
  18. kayonsmit101

    kayonsmit101 Active Member

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    According to this poll, 8 people still demand to know what Ubers underwear looks like.
  19. lokiCML

    lokiCML Post Master General

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    There communication has greatly improved with one caveat. They seem to think that it should only be communicated on this forum but that does not help anybody. It needs to be communicated to the widest audience possible. for example we could have a monthly or biweekly newsletter that outlines their interim goals and maybe their long-term ones as well. With emphasis on their kickstarter features like Galactic wars coop functionality or tsunamis for water planets or multi-monitor support, etc. as it stands right now their communication is rather insular pretty much been restricted to this forum.:( They need to make sure that people get the communication not just here but on steam via the announcement system, PA's blog, kickstarter updates, twitter, etc.;)
    They need to have a biweekly or monthly newsletter outlining what they are working on currently and might make it into the next release. which needs to be communicated not just on this forum but outside of it. On steam via the announcement system, on PA's blog, KS update, etc. It needs to be communicated to the wider community. The information has to get out of here otherwise it doesn't matter. ;)

    edit: if they want to regain trust with people they must demonstrate that they're working on KS commitments, communicate what they're working on, and deliver on it. If they can't explain what the issue is and what they're doing to remedy the situation. they might regain people's trust but it's too early to tell.;)
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  20. exterminans

    exterminans Post Master General

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    Who of the Uber folk is still alive / working on PA anyway?

    I'm serious about that question. We know for sure about:
    Missing in action:
    • @neutrino
    • @chargrove (Mostly serverside JS stuff I assume? If that was him, he still owns us a documentation of the native API :/ )
    • @UberGaf (Celestial physics)
    No longer involved with PA, except possibly for custom commanders:
    And then there are also the layoffs.

    Don't be mad if I missed someone, I only listed those who interacted frequently with the PA com at some point.
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