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    The game works like this, everyone votes on a choice or the character we'll
    be using (in the beginning). I create a story revolving the character.
    Within the story you get to choose what the character does (it's a
    vote, majority rules). Your variety of choices are based on your skills
    and class you pick.

    You can be anything you want, except immortal that is.


    Things to keep in mind....

    This is a group game, not for individuals, everything that happens is a vote, patience.

    This is my game, do not steal it or I will be very crossed with you.

    Only I make the story and give you choices. FYI your choices are given to you based on your character and his/her abilities.

    Let's get started then, shall we?



    Necromancy - Forbidden of mages but not for you, curses and summons coming your way!

    Illusion - Trick a trickster, turn invisible, or even blind a man!

    Mysticism - Telekinesis never fails and soul trapping is a nifty trick.

    Restoration - Create resistances to attacks and heal your wounds or diseases....

    Beast Mastery - You know the art of taming animals and as such you have a trusty animal at your side. In this case, a wolf. Be wary though, if this companion dies it will take a bit of taming to get another one.

    Chaos - This spell can have multiple benefits. It can confuse your enemies, make them dance, or even shine your boots! It can also make your enemies a lot stronger and more attractive but hey, that's chaos for you.

    Alteration - Levitate and create shields to both fly and defend yourself from attacks, and you can even breathe water!

    Destruction - Boom! Ice, fire, and electrical mayhem!

    Athletics - Run like the wind!

    Acrobatics - It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a crazy man jumping from roof to roof....

    Duel Wielding (Blades only) - Two bloody blades are so much better than one....

    Hand to hand - To bloody my knuckles, or not to bloody my knuckles, that is the question?

    Marksmen - Bows and arrows, though the arrows are in the enemies head.

    Sneak - Pickpocket the rich, and kill the beggars quietly.

    Lock picking - No sense in bashing doors in right?

    Axe - Sharp, round, and able to cut through bone! Though not as fast as a blade.

    Hammer - slow, stiff, but oh so powerful! Slowest but the strongest!

    Blade - Steel, cold steel? Unless it has recently struck warm blood. Fastest, but weakest of all.

    Shield (Will make all weapon choices give you the smaller version) - Bash, block, and that's all you get with this. Though shields can have more uses than a sword though not entirely all of them are regarding combat.

    Spear - Long, pointy, and how! They can be thrown, thrust, or just used to whack the everliving piss out of something alive.

    Charm- Aren't you the charmer

    Intimidate- Ooo, scary man/woman.



    Thief- Stealing is your art but in exchange you're not much of a fighter.

    Mage- Bulging muscles aren't your thing, but glowing hands are! Ooo, shiny!

    Crusader- Fighter of the God(s) and wielder of the blade.

    Assassin- Killer by day and by night, no surprises there....

    Mercenary- Buy em, kill em, fear em.



    Artistic- The kills have more flare, their moves are smooth and flow easily. They find the most unusual places to creep into places. They even knows how come up with rather interesting lies.

    Brave- The character is never afraid to go head first right into the middle of a fight. They may have the adrenaline others could never aspire to. Best of all, they can speak up when need be.

    Engineer- The builder of the bunch, able to solve problems by using materials around them to construct new devices which may help or hinder them.

    Heavy Sleeper- Their dreams last longer, are more vivid, and often rewarding in terms of you enjoying the dreams more. They also can sleep through anything, villages burning down, long bouts of boredom, even their own executions!

    Perfectionist- They always have to hit right in the middle of the neck, or always win. They are keen to spotting the perfect (haha pun) weak point of any enemy easily. However, just because they try to be perfect doesn't mean they are. Sometimes they mess up on their assumptions, and if they do, well, it just bothers them really, since you know, one little screw up and you might end up screwed (teehee).

    Perceptive - These people know who's lying and who's hot. They can also spot weak spots in enemies if given a good enough look. Most likely these are the people who will be assassinating you. After all, with great eyes comes great head shots, with arrows of course.


    Physical Traits

    Small frame - You are even more adept at moving quickly and quietly, even dodging more in combat....but your bones turn very brittle when hit very quickly, but getting hit is never the goal in combat.

    Big boned - You may be hard to break in many ways but the increased bone size limits circulation to your brain, making you rather stupid and frail mentally. I said it as nicely as I could.

    Heavy Set - You're fat, you're fat, you're really really fat! You'll move slow but instead of taking a blow you may just roll over or something you big ball of fluff!

    Midget - Small isn't always a bad thing. You'll be harder to hit, may find small openings to crawl through, and not be able to deal heavy blows....What? It can't all be good!



    Short, stout, fat, and powerful! They are usually found in mines,
    arenas with axes and getting drunk?not very intelligent. Hated by

    Totilions- Lizards, very sneaky bunch. But
    intelligent. Some are mercenaries, some are assassins, and even more
    are thieves?.Hated by humans.

    Human- The most found race of them all, imperialistic in nature and pretty proud of it. Luckily because of the number of humans around the other races don't pick fights with them
    so much. Hated by all races.

    Starting Location

    Certain races and classes are excluded from certain choices. If no exclusion is mentioned than all races may pick that choice.

    Feel free to not pick a starting location. It's only if you want your character to start somewhere or be something more specific.

    Sitting In The Tavern

    On the road

    Arena (You're fighting from the get go)


    Breaking into a house at night

    Arriving on shore from a shipwreck

    Studying Magic in a library

    Being process as a new citizen (Only Humans and Totilions)



    You may pick 7 skills and 1 class. You may also pick a gender and a race. Please pick just 1 trait. 1 combat oriented skill only: Destruction, Blade, Axe, Marksmen,
    hand-to-hand, hammer, and spear. Or you could have none at all.

    Pick a starting location if you want to. It's not mandatory.

    Pick 1 physical trait.

    Note: I just want to make it clear that charm/intimidate does not affect your morality choices in the game, just how you talk and how you can respond. The limitation is that who you're talking to may not be constrained by your particular words i.e. can a bodyguard be won over by kind words or by a threat?
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    It's a forum game. :roll:
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    Huh. A forum game. Interesting, I guess, but you'd be better off doing this on a forum that isn't full of people who don't care.
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    Figured I'd see what would happen.

    Ah well.

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