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    Hey I've just done a series of tests with making a transport units being able to transport structures and I must say it's almost possible. Here's what I found out:

    - Transporting a structure even if it's a factory or a nuke launcher is very much possible but with bugs.
    - If a unit is a factory the cursor will not change into a load icon. The unit is still transportable, however.
    - If a unit is a loaded missile launcher it's ordnance will remain on the ground. You will still be able to launch it with the said launcher and it will not laid another missile.
    - A units build footprint does not move correctly when transporting. This will cause a client crash when attempting to place a new structure after the old one was moved. If you reload the game and reconnect to server, the footprint map will update and there will be no new crashes even if new structures are moved.
    - footprint map will not update for new structures moved after the reconnect, so no new structures can be placed in the spot of last structures.
    - Structures that have been moved will have their attachments screwed with. the Air factories I tested with would produce units inside the structure or on the ground far away form the structure.

    That's about it. I just though I'd leave it here in case anyone tried to do the same. I never tested anti-nukes or picking up unit cannons when they are firing.
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