TransPortation In PLANETARY ANNIHILILATION GroundTransport of units

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    Hi there you out there
    Been wondering about what it needs to transport a unit to another location nowadays you only need a level two transport made by the Advanced Aircraft Factory ..

    Now i personally would like to see more ways of transports ships, hovercrafts ( would it need its own Hovercraft Factory ), airships and maybe other amfibious transports

    And of course i'm missing some transport ways

    BUt what of you, do you want any way of transport in

    Got any ideas Enlighten us with your fabolous Idea

    PS:: do we need a Hover Factory ? for Hovertransports ( and other attack hovers Ta had some nice ones the modded ones later on also weren't that bad )

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  2. welshenzie

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    Given the way the planets are at the moment water based/hovercraft aren't really necessary. Some kind of flying transport could be quite cool tho although it would have to be balanced as i could see something like that becoming quite OP for Com snipes.
  3. mered4

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    There is a transport in game - it's just T2 :)
  4. corteks

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    I'd love a multi-unit interplanetary transport, even made 3D renders of one quite a while back. I feel like this has been discussed a million times by now though :p
    Seems Uber doesn't want to do multi-unit transports until they can do ones with racks of units hanging off of it and visible, which is a lot harder to code than single unit transports apparently. I've just always found groups of single unit transports get utterly slaughtered before they even make ground unfortunately, so I'll hold out my hope for a decent unit transport eventually.
  5. cdrkf

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    Personally I think we're ok for transports:
    We have: Air, *orbital* and *teleporters* (and teleporters are very useful on the same planet as well as for planet hopping).

    On a side note though, +1 for hovercraft! They're so useful on maps with lots of water patches. What might be interesting is if they were also able to cross lava as well...

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