[Tourney] Andreas G Casual 4 "Legion" @ June 11 17:30 UTC

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    The event that everyone is waiting 4 is back and this time even bigger and better. Last time was a huge success and this time it is going to be even crazier. After lots of complaints from people who were not able to attend last one we have decided to give you a new chance, this time with the newly added faction Legion included. This means that you now have the chance to play two factions instead of just one. Help us spread the word around so that people who want to play don't miss it this time as well!

    There is even a prize! A very special custom awesome mug (pictures soon)!

    Welcome to the fourth edition of the most casual tournament in the history of humans (except for the three previous)! Sign-up if you want to participate in a fun event filled with amazing people. No skill requirements to join, just come as you are. New players are definitely welcome. I advise you to bring your friends, family and relatives cuz this is going to be good (I've heard N30N has already made sure his sleeping schedule is on point, TheTitan has bought a ton of fried chicken, Qzipco made sure his mum plans dinner around it and Admiral has invited his whole family to watch). Make sure you get all the essentials from the Community Mods and you join the pachat patournaments channel on time.
    Optionally you can also join the RLM TeamSpeak (ts.the-realm-gaming.co.uk) where a lot of participants are going to hang out, trash talk and have fun.
    You don't need any skills to join this tournament. Everyone is welcome and there will be one bracket for bronze- gold rank and one for platinum- uber.
    (*)There will be bronze-gold a separate bracket for bronze-gold (if enough players) that run parallel to the one for platinum-uber. I therefore advise you to bring the word around that this event is taking place so we can make that happen!!

    Expected Runtime: 2 – 5 hours (depending on players and how many rounds you play. If you loose two games you are out)

    Read Rules and Requirements please, also show up 30 minutes before start in patournaments in pachat.

    Matches will take place on maps from the "exodus esports tournament mappack" which you can find in Community Mods section of PA


    Will be announced shortly before the event (to avoid specific training. It is a casual event after all)

    TL;DR Rules

    • Get Mappack / Legion / PAStats / PAChat from Community Mods
    • Get In PAChat (patournaments) 30 min before start
    • Stay connected to patournaments so we can put you in good brackets
    • Listen to instructions on patournaments
    • Have Fun
    • Optional : join rlm teamspeak for shenanigans
    • Listen to what PRoeleert and AndreasG announces
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