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Discussion in 'Planetary Annihilation General Discussion' started by judicatorofgenocide, January 29, 2015.

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    In replays can you add like the last three games played, or all replays from this player function.

    No caster makes consistent casts of high lvl 1v1s. Wtf is that?

    I love your game and the competitive 1v1 environment, but alas.

    I've lost the ability to play even semi consistently. Work 60 hr minimum weeks, school full time, family responsibilies.

    It sucks when I finally get the chance to indulge in pa and want to see the elite battle it out in replays at my fast forwarded pace, being able to understand the intricate plan's and execution,but am limited to views of matches.

    Pls add ez viewing as almost insurmountable responsibilities are pulling me away. I will continue to support you by commander purchases or paying subscription free, but if I'm neglected over time, I see myself casting pa into the land of forgotten games.

    Allow me to live through those that have time to waste on gaming.

    Because after fulfillment of intellectual pursuit in Medicine I will have ample free time to game, and ample finances to support the cause.

    Loyal, distraught, fan, JudicatorOfGenocide.
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  2. reptarking

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    If you find there is a lack of 1v1 casts then by all please be the one the one to do it. Alot of games that top players are not that good since they smash there opponent. Most good games are in tournaments, hense why they are casted
  3. gmase

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    Developers and gamers, do as he pleases for he is the one on his way to become our savior!

    I guess been a medic is consider something important in your country, but we all have a life so just propose your stuff and save your private life for someone who cares
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    My partner is now a junior Dr and she would lol at this so hard...
    But yes, it would be nice to have some of the really good 1v1 matches highlighted on the main screen. Perhaps some sort of voting system for replays?
    Altho at least we now have the weekly video contest, to highlight some videos of special note.
  5. wpmarshall

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    I have a backlog of submitted replays that I am yet to cast, the delay has been university related, apologies.
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  6. Geers

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    blog? Do you mean backlog and autocorrect screwed you or you literally have a blog with a list of stuff you're going to cast but haven't yet?
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  7. Killerkiwijuice

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    If this update doesn't doesn't bring more competitive play to the table, then idk what will.
  8. cptconundrum

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    Casters are busy too! It's also very easy to burn out as a caster after doing the same thing every day for months at a time. I'm excited by the new wave of people just getting into casting now though. Hopefully they can help spread out the work and let the existing casters breathe a little easier.
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