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    A ingame timer would be available by default. Shift clicking would have an approximate ETA next to actions represented in estimated ingame time at the point of the action.

    You can combine any action with the Alt key. Upon doing so you receive a slider after executing the action for the time you are still holding Alt down. The slider would show a the future time. Moving your mouse to the right would increment the time and moving to the left would decrease time (you can't go bellow your current time). The action would then be executed after any previous actions assigned to the unit are finished and that time passes. If at the point the unit arrives at the action the time set was in the past the unit will execute the action immediately.

    The purpose of this is to allow for easier synchronized attacks. You would give your groups orders to move into position and remember the largest ETA then order each of them using alt to attack at the same point in time.

    This isn't necessarily only useful for multiple directions but also same direction by say synchronizing an air attack relative to the ETA of a ground assault so you still get all the advantages of faster units and separate groups with less risk of "suicide."

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    Did somebody say... ETA?
    Hehe, sorry, I had to.
    No, but seriously this is a good idea, and given Uber's history with the RTS genre I'm sure it's going to happen...
    Well, y'know...
    cxqQN0K.jpg ...
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    again @nightbasilisk , you surprise us with great ideas.

    Having come up with the future orders idea I, of course, am 100% behind this.

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