Three Years Later after my purchase...

Discussion in 'Support!' started by captkent, January 27, 2019.

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    To anyone wanting this game. Be warned! This game is incredibly buggy and bogs down the computer to nothing. Now I remember why I removed PA from my computer in the first place. It's just another gimmic with micro transactions and loads of DLCs it takes 30 minutes to get into a game never mind getting into a map that you can create yourself. This game is frustrating beyond measure, if steam had refunds back when I bought this game I would have gotten my money back.
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    What are your specs?
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    ... what loads of dlc? .. besides titans which is a standalone package were you have the option to upgrade to if you owned classic there is no other dlc you have to pay for ..

    microtransactions? only cosmetic ones that were about commanderskins aproved by the kickstarterbakers they were made for to be sold ..

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