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    in game the quit button doesn't work you get a black screen
    1. the building previews are still off from last update
    2. units now get stuck in power plants when building them(also from last update)
    3. if you assist a factory being built it the fabricators will continue to assist it after it's still completed
    4. the music volume slider apparently controls all sound
    5. when starting up the client it will still play music regardless if you have the volume set to zero or not
    6. camera controls sometimes revert to default and you have to change your settings again
    7. if you play a few games in a row then crash out of your most recent one it will connect you to the oldest one if possible
    8. on metal planets or cracks on other planets you cannot issue area commands over them
    9. there are spots on metal planets where your units can "fall" into and get stuck
    10. game list for multiplayer is slow to load or just doesn't sometimes.
    11. the main menu still loads slowly, you can see it load in from the top down
    12. joinng games is extremely slow
    13. pressing the join button more then one will result in an error
    14. once you join the game there really shouldn't be a login accepted screen.
    15. the in game timers starts before you land
    16 the starting explosion is a few seconds behind the commander landing
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