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    Hello guys!

    I made my first map pack as a container of all WAF (We are Family) Clan's maps. For now there are 15 maps most of them are multiplanetary systems.

    I'll soon write down here all the maps descriptions within the screenshots, the maps are categorized into 3 sections, so for now there are:

    1. 2vs2 and 3vs3 (3 maps);
    2. 4vs4 and 5vs5 (5 maps);
    3. XvX and FFA (7 maps);

    1.2vs2 and 3vs3
    1. Water Ball 2vs2
    2. Moon Box 2vs2
    3. Bot's Life 3vs3

    2. 4vs4 and 5vs5
    1. Stamford Bridge is falling down 4vs4
    2. Drained Nomegatron 4vs4
    3. The Ring 5vs5 or FFA
    4. Yin 5vs5
    5. Yang 5vs5

    3. XvX and FFA
    1. Star System
    2. APX System
    3. Wadiya is a comet!
    4. Orbital War
    5. Flat Earth Society (Only for XvX Shared)
    6. Civil War

    4. MonkeySoldier Section
    1. Hell Wars
    2. Thoth
    3. Hierophant
    4. Vulgar masses
    5. War infection
    6. Scipio

    Enjoy and let me know if there are some issues with the systems!


    Fixed Water Ball 2vs2 NS
    1.2 Fixed Yin 5vs5, Yang 5vs5 and modified Ring 5vs5's description, pack's name changed to
    "[WAF]We are Family's Map Pack"
    1.3 Added MonkeySoldiers Section and first 6 maps for team armies. Now Map name is "[WAF]+[ICARUS] Map Pack"
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    I will add screenshots here
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