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    Hey everyone, I've been talking with Brad and although there is a lot of great threads that would be great if more of the community read them, but there are enough that trying to include them all would just clutter things up so we decided that doing a single thread with links and descriptions of those threads would be a good compromise, it keeps all these threads within easy reach for community members and helps to cut down on the clutter!

    How to Search 2.0
    A guide for Successfully searching the forums, now Updated to take into account the new Forum Software/backend.

    Confirmed Feature List 2.0
    In this thread I've compiled a list of features and based Dev Comments and the Alpha/Beta Build and I've labeled things like Confirmed, Implemented(in Alpha builds) or Will Not Be Present. It's a great place to start to see what's in(or not in) the game and use that to get a good idea of the state of the game. Currently this is mostly up do date, there are some things I want to clarify and add but what is there is reliable.

    Live Stream Index 2.0
    This one lists out the topics and user questions from each live stream and is complete with links to each segment. This is a great resource if you don't have time to watch every single one and want to focus on the topics/questions that interest you. This is updated up until Jan 17th, 2014.

    Which Commanders do I get in the armory?
    A very helpful thread from Quitch going over all the known Commanders and explaining who they're available to where applicable. A great way to double check what your getting and just to see what is out there in terms of Commanders.

    Brian's Frequently Asked Questions
    BrianPurkiss covers a lot of the common questions posed by new users, divided up into multiple sections such as those dealing with Bugs and Mods.

    PSA - What Galactic War Actually is.
    This thread Complies all known Dev comments regarding the Galactic War Game mode to help people understand Uber's intent in as comprehensive a manner as possible.

    List of Uber Cast Recaps and the Weekly Forum Review
    BrianPurkiss has been keeping track of all the new bits and pieces seen in Uber's Testing Live Streams and compiling the information for easy access.

    Bug Repository (PA Tracker)
    The Bug tracker is where PA's bugs and glitches get confirmed and shared with Uber, very useful to users to see if something they're experiencing is unique to them or some more common and to help the Devs figure out just what is going on at the User's end.

    UberProbe Performance Upload thread
    Another tool that useful to Uber when it comes to figuring out bugs and glitches and this helps them get more information which is always helpful.

    How To Improve Performance (All Video Cards) + (Driver Links)
    MaxPowerz's General Graphics related troubleshooting and optimization thread, covers a lot of bases when dealing with issues related to these things, remember, always make sure your graphic card drivers are up to date!

    Topic Index
    In the Topic Index I've gathered a list of threads featuring good discussions(meaning topics are covered from many different angles). Some of the threads are a little long, but if the thread is about something you're curious about it'll be well worth the time reading it. I've organized the threads by general theme and have attached a small description to each to help you figure out which to read before jumping in. This one is pretty old, the threads themselves are still valid, but are old and nothing recent has been included.
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    Touched up some of the descriptions and Added Quitch's Thread on Commanders and Who gets what.

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    :'|| Mods are awesome? :

    rookies have been coming there and receiving advice on what mods are recomended and which ones work together and how to get them to run in PA since febuary, and the updates on the thread are always done the day patches are released.

    It's the mod's equivalent of Brian's FAQ, or the Commanders who gets what.
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