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    Does anyone know much about the AI in TA.. I've always wondered about it. Does it "self improve"? Every time I would play with friends and we brough our AI's in my would be 10x the size on the map mid game. By 10x the size I mean it's base.
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    I ran a website for TA AIs, AI Central, as well as producing the Queller AIs.

    That game had an incredibly basic AI which most definitely didn't self-improve, and indeed the final 3.1 patch introduced a worse AI and crippled the AI commander with a targeting bug. It didn't even have a cheating difficulty, Hard was actually the fair level, while easy and medium were 50% and 75% income respectively.

    AI difficulty in multiplayer was based off the difficulty used in the last completed skirmish, though I think it was based purely on the host. However, each player would bring into the game whichever AI they had installed, though cheating AI custom units needed to be present on all machines to work.

    Did you tend to use the same player slots each time? TA maps weren't symmetrical, so certain start points were better for the AIs than others.

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