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    Anything that requires less macro skill (small maps) is going to be highly dependent on making small mistakes because there is only micro skill left.
    Question: assuming both players go the same build order, do you think the player that makes more small micro mistakes is going to get snowballed by the other player faster on a smaller radius? More of a rhetorical question, but the answer is yes if you ask me. People can make up for small mistakes like fabber snipes on large planets simply because there is a much longer travel time and less intel.
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    Small maps are easier to make use of for low APM players. They are able to grab their fair share of resources at least. Large maps favor extreme expansion + scouting which the better players are infinitely better at. Which leads to 3:1 income diffirences easily. And that is really bad snowballing. The player that is better in the first place gets 200% extra income on top of it.
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    I would argue that you are conflating effect of the mistake vs the time it takes the mistake to manifest.
    Assuming all things equal except that mistake i.e. after the mistake the player returns to playing as per script, they are still behind. It's just that on larger maps it takes longer for the effects of those mistakes to manifest. That being said, I do feel that larger planets can offer more opportunity to re-tip the balance BECAUSE of that time to manifest. i.e. you must proactively hinder your opponent and not just rely on them making a mistake i.e. misclick/mismicro.
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