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    It's been a long while since I played PA, but seeing how nice things are looking in this expansion, I'm thinking of giving it another go. One aspect that I was always a bit zealous over, the terrain, looks like it's received a big improvement. I haven't seen much detail about that yet, so I was wondering just how extensive the changes are. Are compound or planet wide cliffs common / possible? Do brushes have a significant impact on gameplay and strategies? How does terrain impact gameplay in general now?

    And while it probably doesn't interest most people, I have to ask; do planets with the seeds 16 and 33 of equal size always generate near identical topology (excluding brushes) to one another?
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    i dunno. All I found is that the units HATE the new terrain brushes and pathfinding is atrocious all over again.

    but other than that it's mostly new brushes. with are most welcome, i'll add.
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    Yes, before I crashed I saw huge problems with path finding in the tutorial. :s

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