TehAnnihilaterer's PA Tutorials and Top Player Commentary

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    Many of you know me as TehAnnihilaterer on twitch. I have streamed PA nearly every day for the past few months. In this time I have learned a lot about PA and made tons of friends along the way.
    When i first started playing PA there were not too many resources in the form of videos to help new players understand the game. This was a huge frustration for me and to my knowledge this is still an issue today.
    Now I'm standing near the top of the ladder and feel that I have a firm grasp on the game. I've been putting off filling this void until I felt comfortable enough with my knowledge to share it.
    I would absolutely love your feedback, and would love if you spread these videos around to newer players. I strongly believe that videos such as these help inspire a desire to play and learn for players of all skill levels. This will do wonders for player frustration and user retention!
    I will be both covering my knowledge of the game's most basic mechanics, commentating on matches from time to time, explaining my own gameplay, and possibly trying out some cheese!

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