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    When doing SHARED 5v5 and larger team games, I usually see people rush t2 almost immediately. While this is a viable strategy, sometimes I wish it wasn't the first thing done so the game doesn't skip the whole t1 part.

    While we could discuss using better metal layout on well designed planets as the solution, I wish avoid such a thought process because the maps are not usually designed for shared armies in general. Also, no layout can prevent the initial t2 rush since commander eco alone can usually accommodate for this..... Add in commander reclaim, you may have nukes at 10 min...

    Has anyone attempted to lower the handicap feature to allow a slower eco pace? For example, what would be the proper handicap be to make a shared 5v5 eco feel like a shared 3v3 eco?
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    Shared 3v3 you also trow t2 straight of the bat so it won't matter.
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    Even the players rush to the T2, the T1 units are still useful and necessary.
    Most players rush to the T2 tanks factory for leveler.
    And you can counter them with boom bot.
    If your opponent rush to T2 bots for slammer, you can counter them by leveler.

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