[SUGGESTION] T2 Bomber specialisation.

Discussion in 'Support!' started by ghostflux, June 30, 2013.

  1. ghostflux

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    Currently T2 Bombers are basically just bigger and stronger versions of the T1 Bomber.

    My suggestion is that T1 bombers should become precision bombers, hitting only one target at a time. While T2 Bombers should become carpet bombers, hitting many targets but doing relatively less damage.

    It gives each bomber a defined role, it becomes a lot less valid to use T2 to snipe a commander and getting an easy kill, while the fragile T1 bombers don't do an enormous amount of damage and would have trouble getting to the commander if he's being guarded. The whole idea here is that T1 bombers become a suicide unit.

    T2 bombers on the other hand would use the extra HP they have to cover more of an area before they are shot down, and their role would focus on base destruction. With the possible option of retreating.

    Any thoughts?
  2. darktom77

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    Its a nice idea and I completely agree with making tier 2 more specialized.

    Your idea of a carpet bomber is a good one but I'm not sure about making tier 1 more powerful, yeah they would be weak but a quick air factory is easy, I think tier 1 is fine as it is, good for harassing Eco but again defiantly agree on the tier 2 idea! :)
  3. Antforest

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    This is actually a fairly good idea.
  4. JamaicanPotato

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    Leave the T1 bomber as it is.

    The t2 bomber sounds like a good idea.
  5. l3tuce

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    T1 bomber drops bombs, it has to be above the target but does more splash damage. Good for killing swarms of tanks esp if they have no air support. (or rather will be when tanks lose the ability to shoot down airplanes by themselves)

    T2 bombers fire missiles, they have a longer range and can even take out lone air defense structures if microed properly, but the missiles have a slow rate of fire and they won't be able to do much more than whittle away at anything that comes in swarms.
  6. mushroomars

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    I agree with this. It doesn't make sense to have a hyper-accurate hyper-damage T1 Bomber because it encourages Comm Sniping, and isn't useful for much else early game. While Comm Sniping is a valid tactic, I think you'll agree it's a stupid way to start (and end) a game.
  7. Ralith

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    I definitely would like to see some sort of cluster/carpet/napalm bomber. Especially napalm, since it's an excuse for pretty particle effects and can act as short-term area-denial. In general the game right now needs way more T1/T2 differentiation; T2's straight upgrades for everything.

    I think the com sniping concerns with the proposed arrangement are ill-founded. The T1 bombers are fragile, so as long as you don't forget to have any air defenses it should be quite viable to defend.

    Also, T1 bombers are already accurate precision bombers. If anything, this change would just make them weaker by giving a longer reload time.

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