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    Hello, this is a suggestion for new ranked rewards that are:
    1. relatively cheap
    2. relatively low-labor to implement
    3. cool for ranked players

    This idea is not meant to replace the current ranked rewards (which only go to a few people), but are meant to supplement them.

    The idea:
    Each season has 5 new variants of an existing commander (bronze, silver, gold, plat, star) where the primary difference is the strategic icon. The strategic icon is changed to a variation of the current default commander icon, but with a small modification to denote the league that a player managed to end the season in (or highest league they reached, if this is possible to implement without much effort). All players that complete their placements in a season receive a reward commander.

    The modified icons can be reused from season to season, so the 5 new SIs only need to be made once. The in-lobby selector can also have a small icon to denote what league that version of the reward commander is, and this symbol can also be reused from season to season.

    The commander models themselves reuse existing commanders, so, for example, next season, we might have "Bronze Invictus", "Silver Invictus", etc.

    Additionally, for some extra effort, the textures on the commanders could potentially be altered slightly to reflect what league they are. This also might be done exclusively for Star only, or Plat+, or whatever makes sense to PA Inc.

    The reward commander would not replace the default equivalent in a player's commander inventory; it is merely added to the commander inventory. E.g. a player who reaches Gold in the Nemicus season gets Gold Nemicus and can select it in addition to normal Nemicus in a lobby.

    There are plenty of default free commanders available, and this reward scheme should theoretically be able to last for many seasons as a result, with "unique" rewards each season.


    EDIT: Bonus suggestion
    Instead of preselecting what commander is rewarded each season, PA Inc could allow specific players (e.g. end-season Uber #1 or most active player) to select (from a pre-decided pool of previously un-rewarded free commanders) which commander will be the rewarded commander for everyone that season.
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    I'm all for rewards based on the power of your skill and not the power of your wallet.

    I think some alterations would be to make them recurring rather than exclusive. Also an idea would be that rewards are removed if you fall bellow certain thresholds or new seasons.

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