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    So, there's a map veto system in Starcraft 2, where each player is given like 2-3 vetos (I forget the exact number; the proper number here should be a function of the size of the map pool, so the exact number isn't too important). A player can use these vetos to make it so they never have to play on specific maps in ranked, unless there are no maps un-vetoed between all present players. In 1v1, this never happens due to the fact that there are only 2 players, and the map pool size is much larger than 2 x the number of vetos per player.

    There has been a lot of argument and discussion in the various PA Discord channels between Uber and Platinum ranked players about what maps are "bad" and what maps are "good". Inevitably, there will always be disagreement on this subject.

    In addition, even when there is agreement, there will always be maps that are not as good as other maps in the map pool. By giving players 2-3 vetoes, a lot of the cause of complaint can be removed; players will not need to complain about maps unless there are more than 2-3 that they hate.

    In addition, statistics regarding the vetoes can be utilized to design ranked pools from season to season; if a map has an extremely low veto rate in most levels of play, it might be worth keeping it in the pool for the next season; conversely, a map that is almost universally vetoed in Uber might be a good candidate for replacement between seasons.

    TL;DR: The ranked system should allow players to select 2-3 maps that they do not want to play on.
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    That is not happening we had that discussion already :)

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