Star Wars Mod, Need Coders, To Code in the units, and Voice actors.

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    Hello, Thane here, and I come from Blackwarp Studios, If you are not familiar with our work, we have done multiple Garry's Mod,Minecraft, and even some Stand alone games. Anyway, I digress, when we first started playing Titans in Conquest mode, us being huge Star Wars fans, thought, hey, why not make a huge add-on, with tons of races, adding fleets to the Galaxy map, etc. So, we set off, making models, doing some voice acting, etc, but then we hit a..bump, we don't know how to code this into the game, and, if we figure it out, it'll take a while. So, if anyone is interested in seeing this happen, comment below, if you have suggestions, go ahead, and, if you are interested in creating this mod, and having a permeant spot in Blackwarp Studios, fill this out, and post below.

    Job Application---------

    Work/Part-Time Job:
    Tell us a bit about yourself:
    Skills: (Not design related, ie.Coding)
    Gender (Feel free to leave this blank, its just to know you.)
    E-mail: (Required, unless you have other means of communication)
    Drop Box: (Required, unless you have something else, that is close to DB)
    What are you applying for: (Concept, Voice Acting, etc) (I will have questions after for your job)
    Why should we pick you:
    Concept Art:

    Attached Files:

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  2. MrTBSC

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    adding fleets sounds intresting but extremely difficult as there hasn´t been a way to have multiple commanders roaming around the map for singleplayer ... only way i can think of is maybe adding larger fleets through techcards
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  3. wondible

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    FYI nobody has figured out sound modding yet.
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  4. killerkiwijuice

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    Well the majority of the remaining modders are making a faction mod (my sig) so for now my suggestions is to look at existing server mods.
  5. thanekrois

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    Thanks for the feedback, however we have everything figured out, we just need assistance getting more sounds and models in, if you're wondering how we are pulling it off is, we us a custom program and duplicate the Commander icon, and then put a invisible atmosphere, so the commander is recognized as a orbital ship, right now, the problem is putting a cap on the capital ships. The main issue we are trying to work around is the lack of voice actors and modellers, which has caused long nights for the crew to finish a full day's work.
  6. thanekrois

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    We will be adding a Garrison Tech card, which will add instant units.
  7. killerkiwijuice

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    Well sound modding is basically impossible because the original fmod project file is required to add new sound files.
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  8. thanekrois

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    I understand stand the skeptic-ness, however, we are not adding in new sounds, in the mod folder, we have used our program to completely over ride the old sounds, into our new sounds, still following the random loop it plays in, the problem is, when it overrides, it will play both the old sounds and the new ones, both amplified, so realy, it sounds like muffled groand and beeping,mits a clustf*ck really...
  9. killerkiwijuice

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    do you have a github?
  10. Nicb1

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    Definitely sounds interesting, I will be keeping an eye on your project to see where it goes. Once I finish up with the faction mod if you guys need I can send a few models down your way perhaps.

    In regards to the sounds stuff would you mind sharing exactly how you've managed to do it as sound modification is something that many of us in the community have been wanting to do for a long time, even if it is a bit limited.
    Unfortunately i'm not too experienced with code and whatnot, other than basic Json editing, but wish you guys the best of luck with the project.
  11. avatar100400

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    Time to put the skeptical Hat on.

    I have searched your studio name fairly hard.
    So far you are asking for information and haven't supplied any previous work.
    You have already contradicted yourself as well.
    You are claiming to be able to do something not possible.

    Well Skeptical BeerForKids time is over.
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  12. thanekrois

    thanekrois New Member

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    We do use github quite a bit, aswell as Autodesk cad, blender, unity, and multiple sound editors.
  13. thanekrois

    thanekrois New Member

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    Alright, I accept suggestions, critics, but, if your just going to argue and try and prove me wrong, leave, I have no use for you.
  14. stuart98

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    Github repo or it didn't happen.
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  15. thanekrois

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    • Music_Ingame
    • Main_Menu_Music
    • Music
    • Music_Base
    • Music_Battle
    • Music_Win
    • Music_Lose
    • Music_Base_test
    • Music_Launch_Commander
    • Galaxy_Idle_Ambience (Added)
    • Ambience
      • Ambience_2d
    • Construction
      • Factory_construction_loop_air
      • Factory_construction_loop_veh
      • Factory_construction_loop_bot
      • Factory_construction_loop_naval
      • Factory_construction_loop_orb
      • Commander_construction_beam_loop
      • Fab_constuction_beam_loop
      • Factory_construction_loop_orb_launcher
    • Destruction
      • Unit_Explode
      • Commander_Explode
      • Unit_Explode_small
      • Bot_Death
      • Air_Death
      • Sea_Death
      • Veh_Death
      • Factory_Death
      • Infantry_Imperial_Death (Rebel variants sound less metallic, except helmeted units)
      • Infantry_Rebel_Death (Four different sounds)
    • Environment
      • Tree_fire_loop
      • Tree_KnockedOver
    • Movement
      • air
        • fab_air_loop
        • air_bomber_loop
        • air_fighter_loop
        • air_scout
        • air_Tie Fighter_loop
      • bot (Now Infantry, Bot factory removed, as well as all bot techs.)
        • (No sound yet.)
      • commander
        • Commander_move_loop
      • sea
        • Fab_ship_loop
        • Fab_sub_loop
        • nuclear_sub_loop
        • T2_battleship_loop
        • destroyer_loop
        • T2_missile_ship_loop
        • sea_scout_ship_loop
        • attack_sub_loop
        • frigate_loop
        • nuclear_sub_loop Copy
      • veh
        • fab_loop
        • land_scout_loop
        • tank_heavy_artillery_loop
        • tank_light_laser_loop
        • tank_heavy_mortar_loop
        • Unit_move_land_veh_loop
        • Unit_move_land_veh_loop2
        • aa_missile_vehicle_loop
      • missile
        • missile_fly_loop
        • artillery_long_missile_fly_loop
        • nuke_missile_fly_loop
        • anti_nuke_missile_fly_loop
        • tactical_missile_fly_loop
        • missileship_fly_loop
    • UI
      • UI_Alert_energy_low
      • UI_Alert_metal_low
      • UI_Building_place
      • UI_Click
      • UI_Command_Assist
      • UI_Command_Attack
      • UI_Command_Build
      • UI_Command_Build_secondary
      • UI_Command_Move
      • UI_Command_Move_secondary
      • UI_Command_Patrol
      • UI_Command_Reclaim
      • UI_Command_Repair
      • UI_Command_Stop
      • UI_Error
      • UI_Rollover
      • UI_Unit_Select
      • UI_Unit_Select_engineer
      • UI_Unit_Select_commander
      • UI_Unit_UnSelect
      • UI_commander_launch
      • UI_commander_low_health
      • UI_commander_under_attack
      • UI_escape_command_mode
      • UI_under_attack
    • UNIT
      • Unit_Activated
      • Unit_Build_Complete
      • Unit_Build_Complete_Structure
      • Unit_Build_Complete_small
      • Unit_Commander_Eng_construction_beam_loop
      • Unit_Explode
      • Unit_Weapon_Fire_Artillery
      • Unit_Weapon_Fire_Laser
      • Unit_construction_loop
      • Unit_move_loop
      • Unit_move_water_loop
    • Weapons
      • bot
      • veh
        • tank_light_fire
        • aa_missile_vehicle_fire
        • land_scout_fire
        • tank_heavy_artillery_fire
        • tank_heavy_mortar_fire
      • structure
        • air_defece_fire
        • artillery_long_fire
        • artillery_short_fire
        • laser_defence_fire
        • tactical_missile_launcher_fire
        • nuke_launcher_fire
        • anti_nuke_launcher_fire
        • unit_cannon_fire
      • air
        • air_scout_fire
        • bomber_fire
        • fighter_fire
      • sea
        • T2_battleship_fire
        • T2_missile_ship_fire
        • attack_sub_fire
        • destroyer_fire
        • frigate_fire_1
        • nuclear_sub_fire
        • sea_scout_fire
      • commander
        • Commander_uber_cannon_fire
        • Commander_gun_fire
        • Commander_uber_wait
      • base
        • base_fire_laser
      • old
        • _Unit_Weapon_Fire_Laser_tank
        • _Land_Veh_missile_fire
        • Land_Weapon_Fire_Artillery
        • Land_Weapon_Proj_loop
        • Unit_Weapon_Fire_Cannon
        • Unit_Weapon_Fire_Laser
        • _Commander_uber_cannon_impact
        • _Unit_Weapon_Fire_Laser_impact
        • _impact_water
        • _land_Weapon_Artillery_impact
        • _missile_impact
        • artillery_fire
        • gun_impact
        • rocket_fire
      • orb
        • orb_laser_fire
    • Buildings
      • <None>
    • Impacts
      • bomb
      • laser_blast
      • missile_seeking
      • missile_tactical
      • shell_artillery
      • shell_artillery_small
      • shell_bullet
      • shell_mortar
      • shell_tank
      • torpedo
      • cannon_uber
      • missile_nuke
    • Build_Complete
      • bot
      • fab
      • veh
      • factory
      • energy
      • metal
      • radar
      • barrier
      • structure_small
      • air
      • sea
    • Death
      • Commander
      • Bot
      • Air
      • Sea
      • Veh
      • Factory
      • Veh_small
      • radar
      • barrier
      • structure_small
      • Sea_large
      • Sea_sub
    • Voice_01
    • Unit_FootStep_Anim
    • Unit_Spawned
    • Unit_move_air_loop
    • Unit_move_land_bot_loop
    • _Unit_Weapon_Fire_Artillery_impact
    • _Unit_Weapon_Fire_Laser_impact
    • Fab_move_air_loop Copy
    • Fab_move_air_loop Copy Copy
    • _Unit_move_air_land
    • _Unit_move_air_loop
    • _Unit_move_land_bot_loop

    Most of the files below Bot are not editted yet, but, you now have the new sounds. So far.
  16. killerkiwijuice

    killerkiwijuice Post Master General

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    well where's the github link?
  17. thanekrois

    thanekrois New Member

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    Sorry. But until we release, you only get small portions of information, :)
  18. mered4

    mered4 Post Master General

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    I'm also ridiculously skeptical of what you've been asking for here and what you claim to be making.

    Things I don't see:
    Anything called blackwarp studios on the Internet. (no previous work)
    You've demonstrated either a profound lack of understanding on WHAT can be modded in PA or you've made a massive breakthrough. And you've made that breakthrough ahead of some experienced coders who have worked this game for 2 and a half YEARS. I'd like to see some code and a demonstration, honestly.
    I'd also like to point out that we decided not to do a Star Wars mod for multiple reasons, not the least of which was a lack of units and the difficulty of doing multiple factions. (kudos to KWJ and the others on that team who have it figured out ;))

    As stuart said, github repo or you're making this up.
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  19. killerkiwijuice

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    but you said you need help right?
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  20. violetania

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    I'm not really looking for a job, i only just finished my 3rd year out of 4 years.... and i've never made a mod, but i'd be super interested to help with modding ^^

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