Star Annihilation

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    Star Annihilation
    The Starwars themed PA overhaul!

    Current units:
    -TIE/sk x1
    -2-M Saber-class
    -S-1 FireHawke Heavy repulsortank
    -DF .9 single laser turret

    Other big features:

    -custom csg
    -custom weapons/effects

    Let me know what you think.
    And let me know what units you wanna see replaced with what star wars units.
    Also some good screenshots are welcome ;)

    Version 0.4 (coming):
    - addition of the AT-ST
    - ...

    Version 0.3:
    - split into client and server mod
    - fixes barrel location where bullets spawn and other animations
    - custom effects/json for all units, first steps to better balance
    - now a full overhaul, only key resource units or starwars units usable when playing mod
    - addition of the DF .9 single laser turret
    - custom buildicons for all units
    - custom commander icon, for commander that have standard icon
    - 2 custom csg added, crashed Gozanti and crashed star destroyer (find under moon)

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    Pictures plz ...

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