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    Hello fellow commanders, we are the Space Turtles! We're a fairly new clan and after peer pressure I'm finally posting this to the forums! We're still relatively small and we're not looking to become massive either, I'm a fond believer in quality over quantity - that's not to say we're only looking for the best of the best - no, we're actually more about community than skill - again, that's not to say we're a bunch of noobs either - we are and will continue to be entering tournaments to better our skills and clan as a whole.

    We have teamspeak and we plan to have a website up in the future too. We have a few active streamers amongst our ranks and if you want to hang out with us then joining our games or jumping into our streams is probably your best chance at catching us!

    If you are interested in joining the clan just let someone from the clan know and we will dispatch a turtle with your request to our glorious leader (note: turtles aren't very fast, sorry). Alternatively you could reply to this thread or send a direct message to me. As proof of your divine strength you must kill a hard AI within 15 minutes to earn your >ST< tags.

    Sorry this thread is kinda brief right now, as I said we're shiny new and still establishing everything, I will likely edit and expand on this thread as time goes :)

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