Social Features not working all the time.

Discussion in 'Support!' started by KrazyBrute, November 16, 2014.

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    Me and my friend currently play p.a and we both run it through steam.
    I was trying to add him on it so we could play together however when I am trying to use my search bar to find him it always comes up with no results even after I have checked I am entering his username in right. He has found me on his recents list however when he adds me the notification pops up on my screen but it is just a blank grey box and so I cannot accept his request.
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    I will agree that the friend finding and adding feature is quite broken. Tried to add two of my friends; typing their name into the search exactly yields no results. They also did not appear in recent after playing a match with them. Had trouble with a friend who underwent a name change; only the old name appears in search results, and they don't receive a notification if I try and add them.
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    This is a known issue we are working on.
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    Yeah, I've been getting this too.

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