Sim freezes and doesnt return

Discussion in 'Support!' started by killzone5017002, March 23, 2014.

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    Whenever I play a game and it gets fairly intense, the sim freezes and never returns. All animations are frozen and F5 does not do anything. Sometimes I am able to quit PA and reconnect but the sim runs for 5 seconds roughly and freezes again. I was playing with a few friends when this happend and they all experianced the same thing, which leads me to think this isnt just my computer. It sucks when you've worked hard throughout the game and it simply stops. Any idea? This happens to me more than I would like (4.5 out of 10 games).

    By the way, the game still runs at a decent fps when its frozen, its not like i'm getting 5fps while this happens.
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    It's a server side issue and it has something to do with orbital units and orbital play. Both me and @SXX tried to repro it, but to no avail.
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    Yeah, i think this is what the Saturday patch was meant to fix but if it was it hasn't worked. Hopefully come Monday they might patch it again.
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    Same problem here...

    From a moon on it's way to annihilate, I started to sent orbital units to the target area in order to reclaim the planet but then the server got stuck. I am also able to rejoin the server but it just sticks with the background picture without loading anything...
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    Had the same issue the last two games, always when its getting interesting with orbital warfare it stucks.
    Reconnecting didn't help, is a little bit anoying.
    Pressing F5 also dont help, but brings the spectatorbar into the UI.

    Greetings Crankone
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