Ship range, and ship size: Too Big, and too far.

Discussion in 'Balance Discussions' started by sarversauce, April 30, 2014.

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    navy hasnt been worked on for a long time, cos now focus is on balancing land, air, orbital and economy, or am I wrong? I guess navy comes in later in this process.
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    Couldn't resist.
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    Not sure if this was directed at my 100s of guns post sine you didn't use reply but if it was, that was mostly in jest, I doubt we'll ever see a ship so heavily armed, but it would be nice for ships to be better armed / armored than they are now, especially if we stick with the current sizes vs land units. SupCom sort of did this with boats having significantly more HP than land units though the weapons, at least on the low end and on the AA side of things, (those poor UEF and their almost completely ineffective AA linked railguns) didn't scale as much.
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    Id love to have a mix of skiffs and ironclads.

    Along with sneaky, sneaky commando subs.
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    Something like this would be very nice. Keep some small fast boats so that naval maps aren't an exercise in suffering. Then have some big boats to do cool things with. Starting with everything as some kind of heavy artillery ship is gross.
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    Finally something we can agree upon! I'd love for some more love to naval, it's so lackluster atm, the only fast boat is the scout boat and it's horribly week. Also, subs used to be in the game but they were kinda broken and played the exact same as every other part of naval and we're removed until they can be worked on. Hope that day comes soon. :p
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    I would like battleships to have much more health while also being much faster together with the rest of the ships. The cost of a single battleship should also be increased to like 15000 or 30000 metal IMHO. A battleship should be a blend of firepower, speed and durability and actually managing to sink a battleship should feel like a big accomplishment.
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