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    Telemazer Go BRRR
    Adds "Telemazer" snipes to Planetary Annihilation

    Telemazer Mechanics
    • The MLA Commander can build the "Microwave Laser Generator" unit for 30,000 metal
    • Both MLA and Legion Commanders can spend 30,0000 energy (up to 10,000 energy per second) to activate "Mass Teleport" to any location anywhere in the system.
      • The Commander can bring up to 5 Microwave Laser Generators with it when uses Mass Teleport.
        • Microwave Laser Generators must be within 30 radius (Commander green/fab range circle)
      • Mass Teleport sets the Commander and accompanying Microwave Laser Generators to 50% health
        • They cannot act for 5 seconds as their health is restored to normal values.
    • Legion
    Side Effects
    • Uber Cannon no longer uses an ammo bar, so it no longer costs energy.
      • This means energy state does not affect the Uber Cannon
      • This also means you can't see recharge progress on Uber Cannon
      • This change is made because of an engine limitation; units with the Mass Teleport command cannot also have an ammo bar.
    Additional Implementation Details
    • The Commander's Mass Teleport can take any unit that has unit types that match CmdBuild & LaserPlatform
    • The Microwave Laser Generator does not currently have its own model; this may come in the future.
    • Legion may possibly get its own Microwave Laser Generator in the future.
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