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    - The units that scenarios uses - dependancy

    - The scenarios mod itself


    Scenarios is a mod that intends to add the ability for players to make custom scenarios/missions, similar to other rts games.

    It accomplishes this by using sandbox in a similar way to puppetmaster along with various functions to replicate what is needed to make missions.

    Scenarios is currently still in its early stages but enough features exist for a alpha release.

    A big missing part is a tool for players to create scenarios in game and as such it will be releasing with a few hand made scenarios to showcase some of the features. These include.

    • Three difficulty variants of bug horde mode
    • Three variants of starting units for players to accelerate the early game
    • A king of the hill mode showcase
    • Annihilation mode(the player does not die when their commander is destroyed)
    • A scenario for use on ypres 5v5 that gives each player a custom starting base/units
    Bug Horde Mode

    One of the most popular modes developed using scenarios is the bug horde mode.

    In this mode each player spawns in with some starting units and a control tower(zapper)

    around every minute there will be both distributed and clustered spawns of enemy bugs that will attack the nearest player. These spawns will not occur within the vision of a control tower(zapper) and you can build more to expand your control.

    Enemy spawns will become larger based on time and the number of towers the player has. The waves will also scale exponentially to somewhat match how fast a pa player develops.

    This mode scales linearly with each additional player.

    While there is no direct win condition as of yet, the enemy ai will be killed if the sim speed gets below 15% as a kill switch. Covering the planet in control towers or ragging it effectively ends the game as well.

    Current Issues

    • Some players do not get the in game ui to track objectives
    • If the wrong commander is selected for the ai in horde mode, it will not be killed when sim speed gets too low, resulting in everyone needing to quit/delete
    • Some preset bases do not build in the ypres test scenario
    Ferretmaster(All the coding and nearly all the unit implementation/scenario design)
    BillTheBlueBot(Nearly all models/textures/icons for the bugs/zapper)
    Anonemous2(Animations for some of the bugs, made the runner, and did effects for the zapper)
    Taiga(animations for a few of the bugs)
    Dissonant(Advice and a few code functions)
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    Version 1.01

    - due to sim issues mid-lategame with high player count , non hard mode bug scenarios are disabled until additional fixes are done.

    - easy being far harder than intended fixed

    - kill switch raised to 30% sim temporarily until fixes for scaling/sim implemented.
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    Version 1.02

    - re-enabled other bug modes and annihilation mode which had been disabled by mistake
    - Added in additional failsafe's for sim
    - Added time limit to win for every bug mode, hopefully gets here before sim is an issue, may need adjustment per mode
    - made bugs amphibious
    - buffed Basilisk HP 5000-7000
    - spread bug waves now spawn in many groups of 4 rather than single
    - randomised unit type spawn order so waves/groups have a better looking mix
    - made ai commander unselect-able by the player
    - improved ai commander auto selection
    - made waves spawn somewhat close to control towers so the action happens faster
    - fixed floating framework being a dependency rather than companion mod, resulting in most players not having the in game ui.
    - renamed hard mode to expert
    - added challenging mode in between medium and expert
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    Version 1.03
    - fixed issue where win counters had the same id as other objectives resulting in them not working

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