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    I feel like sharing this.

    I really really dislike spam. I wanted to share this yesterday while I was deleting 7 freaking spammers. I don't just dislike it on the internet, mail, fliers, telemarketers and solicitors are all included. I can't tell you how much junk mail we get. I live in a new house and people are sending me things on replacing windows. Phone books, I find them on my front porch and they go directly to the recycling. I began to wonder about how much they are spending on this crap. Wasted advertising. I think they should just stop mailing all of this, recoup the wasted money and they'd find their budgets in better shape. I also don't like the food product. ewwww


    The company I work for really pisses me off at times. I meant to post this earlier, and I think that it was more witty, because I was in a rant, but unfortunately my company is a bunch of internet nazis. They restrict all the fun sites. I can't be online for personal reasons except on my breaks or at lunch. Which is why I bought an iPhone by the way... and because they are cool. So as I was typing this earlier, I got all done and ready to post and ... got an error screen that my something or another has "timed out" and I lost the entire thing. Yes. I cursed. The same thing happens if I am on my email for about 15 minutes.

    Anyway.. /end rant
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    Your company sucks. I'm typing this from work right now!!!!
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    Though paper advertising is still somewhat effective, it's not nearly as good as it once used to be.
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    The only reason they still make phone books is the money they make of the ads. Most of them go straight into recycling anyway. And spam has become a real problem. Not so much because I get lots of spam mails but because important mails for forum activations and my Windows 7 RC account information often goes straight to my spam folder. Forum spam is hell. On our old forum we had like 30 spam posts a day until I added a custom check to the registration. The Captchas just dont cut it anymore.

    neutrino, posting here counts as work for you Uber guys. Just think of it as PR work. ;)

    Restricting internet access at work to breaks isnt really helping, employees will find a way around it anyway. But Im working in IT and I spend a good part of my time hunting viruses and fixing malware related problems. If it was for me we would blacklist huge chunks of the internet. On the other hand, as long as there are viruses and stuff my job is save... Hmmm. Maybe we should think about making browsing .ru adresses mandatory... :D

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