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    Compatible with Second Wave, but not currently Legion. Future Legion compatibility will be added.

    Most units in Section 17 were either rejected models, rejected unit roles, or rejected implementations from Second Wave. In many cases, they may be all of these.

    In fact, even the name "Section 17" was a candidate name for Second Wave that was rejected.

    In general, Section 17 is less serious of a mod than Second Wave is.

    Lore Background
    Section 17 derives its name from a planet in old Galactic War lore, specifically:

    One of the main archetypes in Section 17 is that of the "Experimental", an alternative T3 unit class. Experimentals will be faction-neutral in the future.

    All experimentals require a large amount of energy to maintain, with heavy passive energy draw alongside additional heavy energy draw while in use.

    Compared to Titans, Experimentals require less metal to replace assuming that one already has the energy infrastructure required to field them.

    Most experimentals tend to fulfill specific, but powerful, niches. There are some exceptions, like the Floater.

    Experimental Gantry
    • Built by T2 Bot, Vehicle, or Air Fabs, or by Auxiliary Commanders (Colonels/Praetorians)
    • Builds:
      • Big Bill (large-AoE experimental mobile artillery)
      • Floater (direct combat experimental hovertank)
      • Pineapple (experimental mobile vision/radar)
      • Horntail (strategic nanoswarm bomber)
    Naval Titan
    • Poseidon (Submarine Carrier Titan):
      • Fields fighter drones against enemy air units
      • Fields suicidal torpedo drones against submerged enemy units
      • Fields amphibious drones against enemy naval and land units
    MLA Only
    T2 Bots
    • Spider (Heavy Single-target Anti-Air)
    T2 Naval
    • Dolfin (Gun Cruiser with Anti-Swarm Anti-Air)
    T2 Air
    • Yellowjacket (High-Survivability Carpet Bomber
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    v0.2.0 Changelog:
    • Full compatibility with Legion
    • The Experimental Land Gantry has become just the Experimental Gantry
      • Colonels and Praetorians may now build the Experimental Gantry
      • T2 Air Fabs may now build the Experimental Gantry
      • The Experimental Gantry may now be built on water
    • The Horntail is now built from the Experimental Gantry
    • The Pineapple is now Amphibious
    • Experimentals are no longer buildable from the T2 Vehicle factory when neither Legion nor Second Wave are on

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